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In order to save time preparing meals and reduce trips to grocery store I purchase bulk size pkgs. of meats when on sale and then take a day to cook several and freeze in heavy plastic rectangle containers such as Rubber Maid in single layers with 2 layers plastic wrap between for easy removal in increments needed for a meal.

Be sure and label container with name of content and date.

The heavy plastic container prevents freezer burn or taste if left in freezer for a long time.

Hubby cooks on the grill while I cook in the kitchen. Amazing the variety of meats you can prepare in one day. When needed just pull out what you want and thaw in microwave.

Some items that work great are: steak, hamburger patties, sausage links, weinies, chicken, salmon patties, brown ground beef, bacon, sausage patties, vegetable soup, chile, al-a-dente broccoli, cauliflower, fresh green beans.

Freeze fresh corn in the shucks in plastic bags, it will stay fresh and taste just like if would have had it been cooked when first purchased. Cook in shuck in microwave.


-- Marie (prettyhollow@yahoo.com), February 03, 2002


I love www.30daygourmet.com They have tons of help and recipes. Enjoy... :)

-- ~Nicoya (nicoya@direcway.com), July 13, 2004.

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