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I am using the PF FX-2 formula. Kinda a two-part question for ya'll. a)Does anyone know the differences, ingredient-wise, and

b)has anyone tried both, and if so, what are your observations?


-- Mike DeVoue (, February 03, 2002


In another post, someone speculated that they might have left out the Pinacryptol Yellow, as Crawley instructed that it should be left out for t-grain films, and the PF formula is recommended for those as well. I'd assume the formulas are very close, or they wouldn't call it FX-2 :-) Since I've just started with this, what can you tell me about FX-2 in general?

-- Conrad Hoffman (, February 03, 2002.

A speculation.

Anchell and Troop says PF version is based on FX-2 but with proprietary modification to improve consistency and gradation. Based on this statement, the most obvious thing that comes to my mind about what they have done to original FX-2 is to replace potassium carbonate crystalline with a mixture of carbonate/bicarbonate buffer of a certain fixed ratio. Having observed Troop's experimental formulae, he might have taken bisulfite path to the slight buffering effect, but the end effect is pretty much the same.

-- Ryuji Suzuki (, February 03, 2002.

I don't know what's different about TFX-2, but fwiw I found results with TMX to be indistinguishable from Rodinal 1:100.

-- John Hicks (, February 03, 2002.

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