Did my rooster have a stroke?

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Several days ago I noticed that my brown leghorn rooster was acting strange. Yesterday he started having a hard time walking, like he is very stiff and he stumbles and almost tips over. He still gets in and out of the coop, is eating and crowing. Do roosters have strokes? Any suggestions for what might be wrong with him?

-- wife of chuck in md (woah@mission4me.com), February 03, 2002


After looking over the last couple days of questions, I came across a site for problems in roosters. There are a couple of possiblities of what might be wrong with him but it doesn't look good. Poor fellow.

-- wife of chuck in md (woah@mission4me.com), February 03, 2002.

2 things came to mind...botulism and mareks. check out this site and see what you think..


Also, i've read of several people's birds recovering from mareks. not sure about botulism, tho. why don't you post on the Poultry Information Exchange to see if you can get some help.


In the meantime, i would boost his defense system by giving him some dry cat food soaked in water and some plain yogurt, even chopped boiled egg.

Sure hope you find out what's wrong & he recovers!

-- Buk (noaddy@tireofspam.com), February 03, 2002.

Has your birds ever been vacinated for Mareks Disease? Sounds like typical symptoms of Mareks. If so there is no cure. I would immediately invest the money to have a vet check him because if it is Mareks you are in big trouble with the rest of flock and once you have it, you usually can't use the coop or grounds you had him on for other birds again for many years.

-- Karen (mountains_mama@hotmail.com), February 03, 2002.

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