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It seems to me that the coast line had two different mile posts:The big mile posts are on the main line and some spots on the old east end to plymouth but in a few spots there are mp's that aren't nearly as big as the ones on the ml.Any help on this greatly apprciated.

-- V.L.LEWIS (, February 03, 2002


As others have mentioned, the predominant style of milepost is the concrete triangular cross section post, with mileage etched or scribed into each triangular face. Eventually metal signs were attatched over the sides facing trackside for increased visibility for operating and roadway personnel. Mileage is generally signed as distance from Richmond, although on the C.&W.C the posts indicate distance from Augusta etched or cast into the concrete and mileage from Richmond on the metal plates. Mileposts on CN&L are cast steel posts with the mile number in a small metal octagon or hexagon on top. Mileage began in Columbia at Gervais St.

-- Steve Kamp (, March 18, 2002.

The ACL in florida anyway, has the triangular type concrete mileposts that everyone is familiar with, but also had concrete mileposts that actually look like the whistleposts, same (similiar anywaY) size and shape, but had mile numbers PAINTED on instear of etched into them like some of the triangular ones (CSX later put metal piece with numbers painted over the original paint). Its amazing on some abandoned routes you can still go out and find these huge triangular mileposts, but they are heavy, i wouldnt want to try to dig one up

-- troy nolen (, February 04, 2002.

Vic: I wonder if this is whatyou ar referring to: The only ACL milepost that I am aware of is the large triangular type that Ted is referring to. Now, there used to be two styles of whistleposts I am almost certain; the most well known was the large concrete one that we are all aware of, and next was one (again, I am almost certain but would prefer someone more expert I to confirm)that I think preceded it. This "older" concrete whistlepost had a similiar shape to the triangular milepost but was smaller. On the back flat side were the black markings (2 longs, 1 short, and a long). I have seen a limited few still remaining. One that comes to mind that I saw a few years ago (hopefully its not gone now) was IN the town of Black Creek, NC (W&W Subv) at the north end of town on the east side of the track. Also, this is the one referrred to in some of the signage charts that Ted is referring to I am almost certain.

-- Raymond Smith (, February 03, 2002.

Some else (Goolsby, Hill or Riccio) can probably give you a definite answer...

I have two sets of ACL sign standards diagrams...the first is 2 large sheets titled ACL Standard Roadway shows about 25 different ACL signs...but only one type of "mile marker" a concrete "mile post" which stood 4'6" above ground. These sheets were "retired 6-15-39"

I also have sheets from ACL "Standard Signs" dated 47-66...but this set is incomplete. mile posts in this set....

Contact me off-line...and I can send you scans (or hard copy) of the signs you are interested in...

Also..if anyone has a set of the above sheets...I would like to complete my set so that they can be offered to the membership....

Ted Strickland

-- Ted Strickland (, February 03, 2002.

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