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we are trying to plan a trip to ldaho can anyone tell me what to expect for weather on the panhandle and montana the end of febuary and suggest any places to see we love exploring.. thanks Ronda western Washington

-- ronda (thejohnsons@localaccess.com), February 02, 2002


Response to ldaho weather

It is generally still very much winter here at the end of February but as the saying goes...If you don't like the weather here, wait ten minutes.

Specifically, what are your interests and what equipment do you intend to bring? Possibilities are endless.

-- Tis I (nias@coldreams.com), February 03, 2002.

Response to ldaho weather

You won't be able to explore as good in February. Quite a few roads and passes are closed til June with the snow, especially in the national and state parks which cover alot of ground. Lots of roads are impassable for motor vehicles in higher elevations. It can get awfully windy other areas, drifting snow this time of year. Do you have any destinations? ski?

-- Dave (something@somewhere.com), February 03, 2002.

Hi, my aunt and cousins live in Athol, ID. right across the state line aways from Spokane. They are hip deep in snow! My cousin drives in to work during the week and because of the ice and snow it is a 1 1/2 hr trip and it should take 20 min.(and would if she lived in Oregon! LOL). Unless you are going skiing as mentioned above, snowmobiling or other snow, ice related stuff I would wait until late spring at least, very late spring! LQ

-- Little Quacker (carouselxing@juno.com), February 03, 2002.

The weather is changeable here. right now we have lots of lovely snow. :) A few weeks ago it thawed out so much that I divided and replanted the daffodils.. February is especially unpredictable. It could be thawed and muddy or still a lot of snow. I would rather have the snow than the mud... Priest Lake is a must see, keep in mind that it will be colder up there, but it's so pretty! Any other questions?

-- Rebekah (daniel1@itss.net), February 03, 2002.

Ronda, The weather is unpredictable. Today it's 40 and tomorrow it's snowing. Expect black ice in the passes, snow in the evenings and mornings, most lakes are frozen over, so unless you plan on snowmobiling, there's not much going on. The ice festival is this week in Whitefish, MT. Now a good trip would be to take the Amtraks' Empire Builder from Portland or Seattle thru Glacier Park to Browning, MT and stay and visit the Blackfeet Res, drive down to Helena and back home via Missoula. That's only a suggestion.

-- al (yr2012@hotmail.com), February 06, 2002.

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