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I've heard, seen or read of a product that 'etches' glass. I think you mark off a design on the glass and spread the etching compound on. Have you heard of this? Or even done it? If so, what is it, where do you get it, and about how much does it cost? Thanks. Stef.

-- Stef (sbrogers@csonline.net), February 02, 2002


It works wonderful! You can etch on any type of glass (cheap wine glasses etc. become art pieces!) or mirrors. Basically, what you do is clean the glass, tape a stencil onto the glass, apply eching cream to the stenciled part, wait 5-15 min (amount of time will be on the etching cream directions) and wipe and rinse off the etching cream. It will look just like real etching. Here is a couple of links to sources:

The etching mega store!

Discount Etching Kits, cream, etc.

Etching Kit

Glasscrafter.com This site also has everything for any type of glass crafts -- including stained glass. Great source!

Woodcraft.com Great site for wood crafting, but has lots of glass etching products and asscessories, too.

Go to How to Etch Glass for some diagrams and instructions on exactly on how it is done.

Once you get a project done, be sure and do a post on how it worked and what projects you did.

-- Karen (mountains_mama@hotmail.com), February 03, 2002.

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