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I'm trying to find a devoloper with high acutance, normally the answer would be rodinal, but I've been having problems due to Rodinal's hazardous chemistry(I live in Brazil and sometimes it is not possible to get it by mail). So, Would acufine give me similar results and it is less hazardous and easier for shipment conditions?

-- Luciano Cost da Silva (, February 02, 2002


I do not have experience with Rodinal- there is a signifigant handling charge here to Alaska because it has to come off the ground or something equally stupid. I too, was looking for a high acutance developer, and Photog's Formulary out of Missoula, Montanta, USA makes a dev. I'm happy with, FX-2. Very happy with the crisp results. Good gradation too. I'm not sure about shipment, although I don't think it should be a problem.

-- Mike DeVoue (, February 03, 2002.

Although not as exotic as FX-2, Crawley's FX-37 (formula published) and Paterson's packaged FX-39 (probably unpublished but doesn't sound too different from FX-37), dilute DK-50 supposedly produce similar results.

Gainer's Vitamin C developer is also high accutance, and if smoother result is desired, my accutance developer (Metol-vitamin C with carbonate buffer) is easy to mix. Metol and vitamin C keep well, unlike glycin. If you intend to continue B&W photography for years, I think it's a wise investment. (you can also make a good print developer out of these.)

-- Ryuji Suzuki (, February 03, 2002.

Acufine does give great acutance (and enhanced grain). But unlike Rodinal, it also increases speed.

-- Tim Brown (, February 04, 2002.

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