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Whats up with all of u, i work at wolf camera, all Canons and Sonys come and go as i check on them, and tell u the truth, it's pretty epressive. BBUUTT, recently i bought a small Panasonic DV 701, and tell u something, this is the best expirience i ever had. Ease of use, very handy any time. Great optical zoom of 20 and digital of 500, nevertheless, the quality is absolutly increadible, go all the way to 500 and the quality almost as good. I don't know why so many of u waist time and money (except for professionals) on working those XL1 and TRVs, which don't give u the most important thing in creation of a film, fun, fun, fun. Pan DV701 adopts all kinds of lences so u can record with up to 3 miles zoom, zoom microphones, UV and different color lences that make it perfect to shoot in any light condition, its 0 lux is true, and auto white balance is incredible. Besides it is very light weight (put everything on it and it will be only like 3 pounds),stop waisting mony expencive and big DV cams, because there are something small and accurate to all the tasks that pros set for themselves. At least look at 701's features, and make your judgement from there, TY.

-- Art Helmsley (, February 02, 2002

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