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I have received Charging Order Nisi papers from local court, with a date for a hearing to make the order absolute. In papers reference is made to 'Charging Order Act 1979' - Does anyone have a copy of this act, if so could you email it to me, or let me know where I can get a copy from. This would be much appreciated.

-- Daren Otsay (, February 01, 2002


Daren, Sorry but don't know anything about this Act personally but I think the reference section of your local Library may well be able to help. You will probably be allowed to photo-copy the details that you need.

Keep fighting & good luck.

-- Joy Harker (, February 01, 2002.


Try this link : Actx1979-1

Many more links available by searching on

Good luck


-- (, February 02, 2002.

We had a charging order made absolute on our property last week (see my previous post regarding First National Bank). The following link may be of use to you Once the order is made absolute, the creditor has the option of applying for an order of sale.

It may be worth contacting any other creditors to see if they have any objections to a charging order, prior to the hearing. Unfortunately for us, FNB only named our mortgage lender as our other creditor, although FNB were fully aware of others! I have since read that it is the applicants' resposibility to inform other creditors of the charging order nisi!

Hope this helps! There is hardly any information available on charging orders, believe me this last two weeks, I have been searching endlessly!

Good Luck!!

-- (, February 02, 2002.

good luck Daren!!! DARE NOT SAY not Daren everybody. Will Notsay(his cousin)

-- (, February 03, 2002.

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