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I feel convicted by the Holy Spirit to leave this forum for a couple of reasons. I also feel compelled to share those.

1) the lesser reason: A few posters on this forum feel the need to carry out vengence on this platform in the name of being a "warning" about the other forum or in the name of just stating facts.

But their warnings contain attacks on people with words, and not error with any semblance of truths. People repent, and to name names results in branding people. When they repent, they still carry those marks -- this is vengence, my family, not a warning.

One poster said "its not vengence, its just stating facts". Well, vengence without facts isn't vengence, it's slander. If I was talking about slander, I would have called it that. If some of you think stating facts and vengence are mutually exclusive, I suggest you buy yourself a better dictionary.

Psalm 1 warns about associating with sinners. Those with vengence on their hearts are sinners, and sadly some of them using this forum for vengence won't even recognize that they are committing sin. (a quick nod to acknowledge one of those I am speaking of has realized their wrongful attitude and has vowed no longer to do that. My heart is glad!).

2) the greater reason: in prayer and meditation this morning, I was convicted about the time spent here. Good could come from this, but this forum is not a part of my calling. I have a wife, a son, a church, a job. In three weeks, I have a men's retreat for which I am the chair -- and I'm neglected somewhat ministering to my team. I have a close friend who just returned from England to investigate a possible calling from God to go into children's ministry at a church there who needs me. I am following a calling to form a men's ministry within my church.

There are many good things one can do. Good things may happen here. but God reminded me this morning that I'm not called to be here. I am merely escaping my duties from elsewhere. Moreover, I believe God has called with me to deal with people face to face, not hide behind a computer screen. I'm showing a lack of courage to spend time in this virtual world rather than engaging people in the real world.

So, goodbye. I'll answer private e-mail from those in this forum, though please be patient about my replying.

-- Mark Winstead (, February 01, 2002


I think there is one thing you should do before you go.

-- Mr. Admin (, February 01, 2002.

hello..i am (kinda) new here...i have been reading all the this forum and the other one that i cant see anymore, for quite a few months now ...i would just like to say that most of the people on here are exactly as stated above..everybody is just bagging on everybody...i am definitely not ecumenical..but what i have seen here is not christianity at all.its one person slandering another and so on.i understand the need for correction when one is in error about the scriptures.even i take correction.but you guys seem to get frustrated and hateful..instead of a simple discussion.its sad.just think about the non-believers who might be checking this place out.God forbid they are gonna see all this mayhem and not turn to jesus.

-- john boy (, February 03, 2002.

Thank-you John Boy, you said a mouth full!! I hope everyone is LISTENING! Let's do as Hebrews 3:13 says, to encourage one another day after day. So that our hearts will not be hardened by sin. Wow, wouldn't that be great!?!!!

-- Lisa (, February 03, 2002.

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