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Still looking for photo of SCL Phosphate hopper, or a slide to scan.

-- Bob Kress (, February 01, 2002


Bob the overland model you have is a dry-rock phosphate hopper ,built by acf in the late fifties early sixties .the a.c.l labled these cars under there u-class( u12)they where painted boxcar red if im not mistaken and the stenciling was white . after long use and exposer to the bone valley the paint jobs and letters disapeard under the many coats of white dust .e.mail me at my address and ill try to dig up a photo to scan for you.

-- michael hart (, February 03, 2002.

Response to Ted Strickland: Have had various replies as to color. Not sure of the class, and any # is OK, would like an "SCL" picture to use to paint and decal the following model: This is an Overland Import described as: ACL/SCL/Wabash Phosphate & sand Hopper - model Wab # 30800. Approximate HO scale 36Ft Phosphate hopper. HO Model has (8) eight square hatches on top, and (4) basy on bottom. Scale dim. 36" length, about 8" high.

Any information would be appreciated. Thanks, Bob

-- Bob Kress (, February 01, 2002.

What class of car,....RN ###, color ???

-- Ted Strickland (, February 01, 2002.

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