What Character are you most like?

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Ok I've found another LotRs quiz for us all LOL!!!! It tells you what character you are most like....so who are ya!!! Guess who I am most like LOL!!!



Also known variously as Strider, the Dunedan and Isildur's Heir, Aragorn son of Arathorn was a member of the Fellowship of the Ring, charged with the task of seeing the Ring and its bearer, Frodo Baggins, safely to the Crack of Doom. Following the War of the Ring, Aragorn took his rightful place as King.

-- Amanda in Georgia!
(amanda@sweetheathdreams.com), February 01, 2002


is this another thing like the name thing? If so...we need the link, dear :)

-- Mic (ScragTheTroll@aol.com), February 01, 2002.

LOL I found the quiz thing...I clicked on Amanda's Aragorn Pic (which I can't see, but it works as a link...and then just hunted around there until I found it...

the web address is http://www.vista-ray.net/~matt/lotr

I am Sam Gamgee. I kinda figured thats who I'd be, but I like him.

-- Mic (ScragTheTroll@aol.com), February 01, 2002.

I am Sam, isn't he the doppy one who's not much help to anyone. Is that the same one as Mic's Sam too, weird LOL.

-- Linda (linda@sweetheathdreams.com), February 01, 2002.

LOL Linda, yeah in the first movie Sam isn't all that helpful, (actually none of the other hobbits really are), but in the Two Towers and especially Return of the King, Sam really shows how cool he is!!

-- Mic (ScragTheTroll@aol.com), February 01, 2002.

OOPS!!! Call me stupid! I forgot the link! I was so upset my pic wouldn't sho up!!!....THANK YOU MIC! I OWE YA LOL!!!! Neway....Linda..read the books! Sam is so much more complex and no where near goofy and dumb as the movie made him!!!


-- Amanda in Georgia!
(amanda@sweetheathdreams.com), February 01, 2002.

I AM LEGOLAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Legolas represented the Elves in the Fellowship of the Ring. Skilled as a warrior with both bow and knife, he eventually became unlikely friends with Gimli the Dwarf. I AM LEGOLAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-- Emily~*~ (ecat100@yahoo.com), February 01, 2002.

So, Emily, I didn't quite get it...are you Legolas? ;-)

-- Mic (ScragTheTroll@aol.com), February 01, 2002.

Yeah Amanda I am going to read the books when I can get to them LOL I am in the middle of 3 books now, all completely different subjects. I am also doing the ROAR drawing practise and trying to learn more from my HTML book and doing 2 evening classes. There is just not enough time in the day. OK so I am not counting the 2 - 4 hours a day I spend on here talking to people but I got to have some interaction too LOL I hope to get the 2nd one at least read before I see the next movie LOL

-- Linda (linda@sweetheathdreams.com), February 02, 2002.

Oh yeah and Mic I already thought it weird we both like Adams music but to come out as the same character in all those to chose from thats freaky LOL ....JK

-- Linda (linda@sweetheathdreams.com), February 02, 2002.

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