Were all Georgia Railroad woodchip hoppers black?

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The few color photos I've seen of the Georgia Railroad's woodchip hoppers show them as black with white lettering. However, I seem to remember seeing a few that were boxcar red. Does anyone know if there were some painted colors other than black, and which numbers they were? I'm modeling the Georgia as it appeared in the late 1960s and am trying to avoid making more than 23,769 inaccuracies on the layout. Thank you.

-- Rob Richardson (RichDent10@aol.com), February 01, 2002


During my tenure as Mechancical Engineer of the Georgia (1967-1974) I do not recall a Red chip hopper. Many regular hoppers were in fact box car red. But the hop chippers were black.

-- Ron Dettmer (roscaler@cs.com), February 03, 2002.

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