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Can any of you local fans (I live in Washington State and am getting ready to move to Fla.) help an ex-UP man? I am interested in purchasing a property adjacent to the ex-Seaboard line that runs north out of Plant City and need to know the volume and type of daily traffic that uses this line. (i.e. Does the juice train use it?) Also , any rumors or opinions as to whether CSX will keep using it or are they contemplating running to Auburndale and turning north at that point. No hurry, but info would help me a lot. Thanks. Bob B.

-- robert bregent (, January 31, 2002


OK, Robert, you want railroad traffic?? It might not be like you are used to on th UP, but it sure comes close. THis line you wil reside next to sees substantial traffic, like Troy said, all times of the day and night. The CF plant at Central sees at least 4 BV type trains daily to supplt the plant with wet rock and chemicals. There is a local out of Tampa that supplies Anhydrous Ammonia and bringsback mty tanks to the Ammonia terminal at Hooker's point. There is the juice train, 5 per week right now, mty auto rack train around noon. Several "K" trains travel southbound to set off sulphur and chemicals as well as Jumbo covered hoppers for "interior" phosphate loads (US destinations).

If you travel south to Plant City you can see more action at the diamond, Amtrak 89-90 runs through there early in am and around 9-10 pm, both ways due to Tampa being a intermediate stop. The train runs the Wye at Ybor and backs into Tampa. Several locals run between Winston/Lakeland and Plant City as there is quite a bit of local customers in the area.

LAs but not least you will have alarge Waycross train running north around Midnight. There has been roadway activity in the area, so you will probably see several ballast trains, equipment trains, and a rail train or two. You want particulars?? Let me know, I can help.

By the way, if you are in the Tampa area, on the east side around Adamo Drive,5656 is the address for the CSX FBU headquarters. I work second trick yardmaster at Yeoman yard, 1400-2200, Sat thru Wed. I can show you around.

-- Walt Rogers (, February 04, 2002.

Robert, The C.F.Phosphate plant on Hwy. 39 north of Plant City(Crystal Springs)still ships at least 1 (that I know of) train of phosphate per day. There was speculation a few years back of tearing up the old "S" line. I believe to this day it is still NOT welded rail. Within the last year CSX has completely rebuilt the bridge over Blackwater Creek (Itchepackesassa). Who knows? CSX completely reworked the trackage from Coleman to Auburndale and then a few years later, they ripped it up. E. Howard

-- E. Howard (, February 01, 2002.

yes the juice train uses it no they wont be abandoning it

they cant go to auburndale and turn north because auburndale-coleman was abandoned in the mid 80's and torn out...

S-line through plant city is vital. Quite a bit of traffic goes through there, at all times of the day and night. Pretty much all freight tampa to outside of the state goes through this line, unless it needs to stop in jax or orlando on the way

-- troy nolen (, February 01, 2002.

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