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Thursday January 31 9:59 AM ET

Cooked Cat Catches Fire, 400 Homeless

PHNOM PENH (Reuters) - More than 400 Cambodians were left homeless when a roasted cat caught fire, sending flames shooting through a village of wooden shacks, police said Thursday.

The fire, which destroyed 62 houses, was started by a young man who tried to cook a dead cat in central Kompong Chhnang province Tuesday afternoon.

No one was killed or injured, said provincial police official So Sam An.

``Witnesses said a young man killed a cat and put it on a fire to roast. A few minutes later a blaze erupted inside the house,'' So Sam An told Reuters by telephone.

``The suspect liked to eat cat meat while drinking wine with his friends.''

Police said they were searching for the culprit.

-- (cat @ gets. even), January 31, 2002


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