A bit naughty (Jokes - PG)

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As the airliner pushed back from the gate, the flight attendant gave the passengers the usual information regarding seat belts etc. Finally, she said, "Now sit back and enjoy your trip while your Captain, Judith Campbell and crew take you safely to your destination."

Joe sitting in the 8th row thought to himself. Did I hear her right; is the captain a woman? I think I better have a scotch and soda.

'When the attendants came by with the drink cart, he said, "Did I understand you right? Is the captain a woman?"

"Yes," said the attendant, "in fact, this entire crew is female."

"My God," said Joe, "I'd better have two scotch and sodas. I don't know what to think of all those women up there in the cockpit."

"That's another thing," said the attendant, "we no longer! call it the cockpit. --- Now it's the box office."

-- Ardie/WI (ardie54965@hotmail.com), January 31, 2002


Response to A bit naughty

Ardie! You bad ol' puddytat! Heeheehee.

-- j.r. guerra in s. tx. (jrguerra@boultinghousesimpson.com), January 31, 2002.

Response to A bit naughty

oy vey! ; )

-- Dave (something@somewhere.com), January 31, 2002.

Speaking of airliners...one was flying over the Atlantic when both engines fell off and it began its plunge to the ocean below. A woman jumped up, tore off her dress and said to her husband "Frank, before we die I want you to make me feel like a real woman one more time"

Her husband looked at her and quickly tore off his shirt, handed it to her and said "O.K...here, iron this."


-- (imashortguy@hotmail.com), January 31, 2002.

Sorry Ken, I thought I catagorized it.

-- Ardie/WI (ardie54965@hotmail.com), January 31, 2002.

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