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-- Anonymous, January 31, 2002


There's supposed to be a malicious rumour about Beckham sweeping the net, anybody know what it is???

-- Anonymous, December 02, 2002


Given they're Spurs fans, De Graafschap would earn praise too!!!!

(Just kidding)



-- Anonymous, November 20, 2002

During the Ajax-NEC match I sat in front of a few Spurs fan, who attended the match to experience the ArenA and Ajax, of course. I couldn't help it and overheard some of their conversation which summarized their impression of the Ajax style of play. Some of the phrases they said of Ajax were "sharp passing" and "total football", referring the role switch between vd Vaart, Pienaar and Galasek in midfield. "9 out of 10 shots on goal were on target; they play precision football". Another was "casual approach", referring to Ajax when in possesion of the ball, unlike the rush and rush style of English football. Other comments were "patient build-up play" and "stylish football".

Hey, it's nice to hear such comments from other fans about our team. Every once in a while it's refreshing to have a little pat on the back, you see :-)

-- Anonymous, November 19, 2002

uuum...i guess I should've checked before posting, but if you click multimedia on that website ( you'll fidn a list of a couple of recent games...enjoy!

-- Anonymous, November 14, 2002

Last saterday I returned from a 5 month trip, just in time to see last teusdays match. As I met up with a friend the day of the game in a pub at the Ferdinand Bol straat i ran into Menno, and to my surprise Jim aswell! Good to see Ajax-USA members throughout the season. Anyways, I didn't know where to post this so the 'grab bag' would do fine I tought. I just wanted to tell Ajax-fans abroad about a site that has video's of every game played. It's not just the goal but a summary of sometimes up to 7 minutes. Offcourse the commetary is in dutch but the quality and length is superb. You'll have to download an unzip program called WinRar. They use and supply that one. (I suggest people get Download Accelerator Plus (DAP) as well, it's free and can be dowloaded from Usualy they keep they summary on their site untill the next game is played. I don't think they have an archive for older games, but I could be mistaken. Anyways, to make a long story short, go check them out on: "Videobeelden" bytheway means videoimages (maybe this bit should go into the Essential Dutch posts =) )

-- Anonymous, November 14, 2002

Surely Ajax will win next Tuesday.Such devotion to team and website must be rewarded.

-- Anonymous, November 06, 2002

People sometimes ask us (the Ajax USA staff): what are you doing this for??

Honest answer: we do it becuase it attracts a lot of chicks. They send us their panties and fantasies, and sometimes some nice pictures. See this one for example, which was sent to us by a grateful Ajax fan from Texas. How nice.

Thank you!

-- Anonymous, November 06, 2002

While on the subject of offside, there's a very funny Amstel ad on Dutch tv right now. I tried to find it on the web but my surfing skills aren't up to it (!).

Basically, there's three guys in a bar and they're in a heavy (but discreet) debate about three girls at the other end of the bar. Two of the girls drift away and one of the guys goes up to the remaining girl. (Using beer glasses to represent players) he points and says "here's the goal, this is a defender, this is an attacker and the ball is played form what's this called?". The girl looks up (and now that you can see her close up you realise it could be a guy/transvestite) and says "off side" without hesitation. The guy wanders back to his mates and says "Yup it's a bloke".

Obviously it loses a bit in translation, but very funny when you see it (honest!!!).

-- Anonymous, November 05, 2002

Whilst looking for info on offside experiments I came across the following article which had me in stiches on:

OFFSIDE: WHO NEEDS IT? - October 1996

Here's a quick quiz for you. What's the most revolting sight in football? Is it a cynical professional foul, committed by a thuggish clodhopping centre-half on a mercurial winger bearing down on goal? Is it, perhaps, fully-grown men spitting petulantly at each other like witless schoolboys? Is it Steve Bruce? Or is it, in fact, the flat, hit-by-a-bus face of Tony Adams as he moans plaintively towards the referee, arm raised in a neo-Hitler salute, the craven cry of the defeated: "Offside!"?

If you said anything other than the last one, of course, you're wrong. What could possibly be more contrary to the whole spirit of the best game in the world than the offside rule? What could possibly be the excuse for more injustices, more shattered dreams, more cynical play and more gutless whinging than the offside rule? And yet, despite years of tinkering gratuitously with the very building blocks of the game (right down to the size of the goals, for Pete's sake) what could be a more inexplicable omission from FIFA's ever- growing list of pointless rule changes than the offside rule? I'm buggered if I know.


Here's what's wrong with the offside rule. Football is, I'm sure we're all agreed, the best game in the world. One of the major reasons it's the best game in the world is that, essentially, there are only three rules - kick the ball into the net, don't use your arms, don't beat up the other players. Anyone can understand football in seconds, which is why it's so universally played and loved.

Offside sits about as comfortably with this notion as Paul Gascoigne at the opera. It's artificial, unnatural, and technical. It encourages cynical, defensive play at the expense of fast-moving, end- to-end all-out attacking (and I presume no-one's going to tell me they fell in love with football after seeing a particularly well- worked offside trap at Highbury when they were six). Its roots lie in the most pitiful childish it's-my-ball-so-you-have-to-let-me-win whining - "Aw ref, he's three inches closer to our goal line than we are. That's cheating. Make him come back. We can't run as fast as him."

And it's impractical, too - how many times in your life would you estimate you've seen an offside decision given (or not given) which was then proved by TV evidence (or whatever) to be incorrect? A hundred? A thousand? Let's say, conservatively, that there are just two wrong calls in an average match - you do the sums. It's an absolute nightmare for officials - by the rule's very nature, they have to be watching three things at once; the potential offside victim, the defence, and the bloke who's actually kicking the ball (not to mention the rest of the game). If those three things are more than about 15 yards apart, only a crow could actually do the job properly. Every wrong offside call drives a nail through the very heart of the game - what's the point in playing skilfully if some outside force (sheer chance, basically) is going to screw it all up for you? What's the point?

The answer is, clearly, that there isn't one. Offside is for cheats and losers. If you want to see how it really fits in with the true spirit of football, try it in a playground game and see how far you get before a gang of angry little boys chases you out into the street, their jeers of derision ringing in your reddened ears. But for the sake of democracy, let's examine the arguments in a fair and rational way.


(and why you should be watching some other game if you adhere to them)

1. "Ah, but it stops goalhanging."

Right. I see. You don't like goals, then? Why not bugger off to Eton and watch THE WALL GAME (bizarre, brutal toff's game involving a giant scrum against a wall, and much shoeing), then? I believe no- one's actually scored in that since about 1891 (true). The goalhanging argument is rubbish - if a forward spends the whole game loitering, his team are a man short in the rest of the pitch, which hardly gives them an advantage. And anyway, even if it did, all the defence has to do is put a defender on him and man-mark - advantage cancelled.

2. "Ah, but it stops the ball just being continually punted back and forth over the midfield for the whole game."

Don't be stupid. You've still got far more chance of getting the ball usefully to a forward by close-control, passing play up the pitch than by hoofing it 70 yards in his general direction and hoping for the best. And even if there are a couple of forwards goalhanging (with attendant defenders), that's just going to make more space in the centre of the pitch for the rest of the players, preventing the appallingly dull 20-man midfield stalemates we still see far too many of. If midfield stalemates are your bag, it's AMERICAN FOOTBALL for you, matey.

3. "Ah, but it all evens out over the course of a season."

Oh, what, and that makes it alright, does it? The fact that two games get decided by an unfortunate mistake by the referee instead of one? (Even assuming that the statement isn't patent statistical bollocks in the first place, which it is.) Why not just TOSS A COIN at the start and have done with all that tedious football-playing business altogether? And anyway, that argument's a fat lot of use if it happens to you in the Cup Final, isn't it?

4. "Ah, but controversial offsides make the game more exciting."

Oh dear. I think you've taken a wrong turn on the way to the WORLD WRESTLING FEDERATION show, son. Football's supposed to be about what the players do, not whether the referee cocks up or not.

You see? You're all wrong. Offside is an entirely negative aspect of the game, adding nothing to the game and taking away much of what makes it great. You want proof with that? No problem.


1. Breaking up the flow of the game, stopping the build-up of excitement and momentum.

2. Cancelling out the difference between skilful players and crap ones, by handicapping fast-moving attackers with a purely defence- orientated rule.

3. Creating more 0-0 draws. Cheers.

4. Providing more opportunity for time-wasting via free kicks.

5. Provoking riots among fans who've just seen a perfectly good match- winning goal chalked off/illegal match-losing goal allowed.

6. Tony Adams.

"Now it's all very well and easy to criticise. What about some constructive suggestions?" That's what you might be saying at this point. But you can shut it, right, because I've got that one covered as well. Basically, there are only three options as far as offside goes - keep it as it is, throw it out altogether, or change the boundaries at which it operates. (All the other variables - number of defenders, being in front of or level with the last man, interfering with play or not - have been fiddled with already). Most of them have already been tried out by FIFA somewhere, with limited success. There's only one option which hasn't had a fair crack of the whip. Can you guess what it is yet?


NO OFFSIDE WHEN THE BALL IS KICKED FROM YOUR OWN HALF - This one was tried out in the League Of Wales a few years back, where it caused unfettered chaos and confusion. It's a reasonable theory, except that (a) it actually encourages the tedious big punt from defence, and (b) it's an impossible nightmare for linesmen, who have to be continuously watching half the pitch at once. NO OFFSIDE IN THE LAST THIRD OF THE PITCH - If our memory serves us correctly, this was the system operated by the ill-fated NASL in the USA, where a line was drawn 35 yards from each goal-line (the line was also used in their innovative version of a penalty shoot-out), outside which you couldn't be offside. The main drawback here is the drawing of ungainly new lines on the field (the design of which has remained unchanged practically since the game's inception), and the fact that it's an even more artificial addition to an already- artificial and unnatural rule. NO OFFSIDE IF YOU PLAY FOR RANGERS - This system has been undergoing a trial period in Scotland for the last 105 years, although the SFA are still "collating information" before deciding whether to expand the plan to include other teams. NO OFFSIDE OUTSIDE THE PENALTY AREA - The most obvious option if you really want to keep the offside rule in operation. It's comparatively easy to police (the lines are there already), and it doesn't encourage goalhanging, in as much as that if you're in what's (today) an offside position, but still outside the penalty area, you've still in all probability got quite a bit to do to get the ball into the net. (A variant on this rule was tried during the Anglo-Italian Cup (the offside line there being an imaginary extension from the corners of the 18-yard box to the touchline), but the lack of pitch markings made it difficult to execute properly.) NO OFFSIDE AT ALL - It's THE ONLY REAL SOLUTION. Otherwise, why don't you just piss off and watch basketball or something? So there, quite conclusively, you have it. Offside is crap, and has been scientifically proven to be Killing Football. It's GOT TO GO. You can bluster and complain all you want, but next time YOUR team gets knocked out of the FA Cup by some useless Vauxhall Conference outfit playing nine at the back, offside trap and breakaway goal in the 89th minute of a coma-inducing slog through a mudpile of a pitch in January, don't come running to me, alright? YOU'RE the one who wanted it that way.

-- Anonymous, November 05, 2002

Yeah, that was my thought, too.

I really would like to see what happens. It's hard to predict. One thing you can be sure of: the field will become very 'long', as in: even as the ball is on the other end, one or more strikers of each team will remain in front of goal. This would force the opponent to keep at least one or two defenders in the back as well. This would pretty much rip the formations apart.

But it's very hard to predict whether this would make the game extremely attractive and spectacular, or destroy it completely. I think the latter would be the case. Probably every team would immediately re-introduce the sweeper, standing twenty yards behind the defence. Then we'd all be watching German/Italian football every week... YUK!

-- Anonymous, November 05, 2002

I think that FIFA has no right to ban friendly game... it is not fair. Any eleven men can play a game with another eleven men with any rules. It is their own business. As for playing without offside... I heard that such games were conducted as an experiment... but unfortunately I can't say where and what was the result.

-- Anonymous, November 05, 2002

This is remarkable news... (read it on NOS Teletekst)

Dagblad van het Noorden, regional newspaper for the north of The Netherlands, had a nice little idea. After so many mistakes were made during the World Cup 2002 in Japan and South Korea, the sports editors of the papers asked First Division sides Emmen and BV Veendam to play a friendly game without the off-side rule, just to see what happens.

The clubs thought this was a fun idea and agreed. The game was scheduled, but guess what?? The FIFA has forbidden the initiative. Their official statement: a newspaper is not allowed to organize an experimental football game. The World Footbal Association added that a request from the KNVB or any other national f.a. to play such a game would also have been turned down.

Jeezzz - what's their problem? It would have been funny to see what happens.

-- Anonymous, November 05, 2002

Well i've checked the video, and you're true : every second is worth it. Damn the guy is a monkey : he has hands in his shoes... A very very talented player, all my friends agreed with me (even non ajax fans)...but why is he so violent ??? With his technics, he shouldn't have to use such kick-tricks.

A piece of advice for everyone possessing a broadband connection (hey 40 megs....fortunately i'm a univesity student :O) ) : get it and watch it as soon as possible.

-- Anonymous, November 04, 2002

Putting to one side the fans feelings, I have a feeling that the big 3 boards of directors would argue that to join a league where they couldnt be virtually guaranteed of European football each year (and as such possibly deprived of a vital income generating income) would be classed as financial suicide.

-- Anonymous, November 04, 2002

Rudy: bollocks.

The Bundesliga-story doesn't come out of nowhere, but this is an incorrect representation of the facts. This is not an initiative from the Dutch 'Big Three', but from Borussia Dortmund's manager. The idea came from Germany; not from Holland.

I have read two different reactions. One by Arie van Eijden, on behalf of Ajax: "Never say no, but I don't see this happening. We're not interested for now", etcetera.

And there was a reaction from feyenoord, which basically said: "No way. feyenoord fans hate Germans and they definitely don't think that playing against Energie Cottbus, Hansa Rostock and Karslruhe is more attractive than against FC Utrecht or Roda JC."

Even PSV chairman Harry van Raaij (the man behind many Benelux, Atlantic and European league proposals) said something like: I'm open for every idea, but this one doesn't seem right.

I can guarantee you that feyenoord's response is the most accurate representation of how the average fan in Holland is feeling, as you can imagine...

-- Anonymous, November 04, 2002

Below is an article from TeamTalkBollox (not the most reliable site out there). It's the first I've heard about the big three looking to move to the Bundesliga. Anybody out there who can tell me if this has any real credibility? I know that most fans will be against it (travel, cost e.t.c.), but I'm really wondering if it's B.S. or serious.

Dutch emigration could help Old Firm

Rangers boss Alex McLeish feels the bid by three Dutch clubs to join the Bundesliga could help the Old Firm's hopes of a Premiership switch. Reports suggest Ajax, Feyenoord and PSV Eindhoven are looking for a way into the German top flight, as Holland's domestic competition is not as strong. Gers boss McLeish believes that if the Dutch trio are successful in their bid, it could provide a major breakthrough for Celtic and Rangers as they too ponder how to move to a stronger and more profitable league. He said: "They're talking in Holland and Germany about it so there is something in the air. Everyone wants to play at the highest level and I think Rangers and Celtic would evolve into major forces if we were in the Premiership. "I'm not saying we would win it in our first season but, with the fan- base and size of the clubs, we would definitely, eventually, evolve.''

-- Anonymous, November 04, 2002

No response to 'The Zlatan Movie' at :/

Here are some quotes from another forum: ;)

"Yeah I downloaded it too en it ROCKS!!! It took me 1 hour and 45 minutes to download, but every second is worth it!"

"Damn what a great movie! Every second of it just suprises you more about the skills of Zlatan. Never before have I seen the moves he showed in Sweden but now I understand why Leo B. wanted Zlatan so badly! Pure magic "Every football enthousiast love seeing this one!" would be the right description!"

Just don't want anyone to miss it ;)

-- Anonymous, November 01, 2002

From the match report: "Referee: Vassaras (Spain)" Spain?!?!?...Hmmmmmmmm... ;-P

-- Anonymous, October 31, 2002

I was reading NOS Teletekst and noted that storms had forced cancellation of today's Eredivisie fixtures. Then i read of the storms in the Amsterdam area. They sound pretty bad.Here's hoping all Ajax supporters, especially Ajax-USA members, are all high and dry.Well, dry anyway . ;-)

-- Anonymous, October 27, 2002

Ajaxmania calls it quits!

25 October: Ajaxmania, among the oldest and most ambitious of Ajax fan sites on the Internet, has closed its doors. Ajaxmania has served the needs of Ajax fans worldwide with news, information, discussions, statistics and more since 1995.

Thank you Edwin and the Ajaxmania team for your years of service to Ajax fans everywhere.

-- Anonymous, October 25, 2002

I thought i should post this here.Sometime ago there was an argument wheather Ajax is a top club or not.Ajax is definitely a top club and we know that.But we needed some arguments to support our opinion.Well,i have another one here:A club that has a player like Nikos Machlas for a third(!?!?!) choice striker and VD Meyde,JOB and Wamberto many times on the bench,is surely a TOP club.Thank you... :-D

-- Anonymous, October 19, 2002

ANyone have any idea whats up w/the website? its been down for almost a week.....

-- Anonymous, October 17, 2002

Netherlands' score is giving me pleasure but I must admit that the news from our dear Menno (the dismiss of the LPF crow alition) are much better to me. This kind of political way wasn't worthy of a modern progressive and young country like Netherlands. I wonder who will rule the country now but it can't be worse. Let's get aware of the fascist threat all over Europa...

PS : thanks to Clarence Philip and Roy anyway... :O)

-- Anonymous, October 16, 2002

Dear God! Finland should have easily beaten Yugoslavia tonight. The Finns were outstanding the first 65 minutes of the game and totally outclassed Yugoslavia.

Then as always, the team that shouldn't score does. An undeserved 1- 0 and then a penalty...

Litmanen played good, but should have scored. Maybe twice. Two really good chances, but today was just one of those days... Pasanen also played a good game tonight.

-- Anonymous, October 16, 2002

Regarding the Euro 2K4 matches involving Ajax players, here is a quick rundown. Tomas Galasek played the full 90' and picked up a yellow card as The homeside Czech Republic beat Belarus 2:0. In matches in progress, Finland are trailing Yugoslavia 1:0 in half #2. Both Jari Litmanen and Petri Pasanen were on from the start. Romania is proving that they didn't need Cristian Chivu v. Luxembourg.The reason I mention this is that possible Ajax target Radovan Rat is playing at the #4. If Ajax do land him, will the F-Side learn the theme from the old US tv show,"The Rat Patrol"?

-- Anonymous, October 16, 2002

Meanwhile in The Netherlands...

One day after the country's impressive goodbye to Prins Claus, at his funeral in the city of Delft, the right wing Dutch government has imploded. The coalition of the Christian-Democrats (CDA), Liberals (VVD) and the populist, right-wing party of the late Pim Fortuyn (who was shot on 06 May of this year) has lasted for less than 100 days.

Since their first day in the parliament of The Hague, the 'List Pim Fortuyn' (LPF) has proved to be an inexperienced, amateurish and completely (if you ask me: hilariously) inept party. They have hardly taken any decisions for the country, since they were simply too busy with numerous internal conflicts. People got fired and resigned; seriously, no-one in the LPF had a clue.

Today, the other parties in the coalition decided that it was enough. The coalition has fallen. The country now has a demissionary government. Yippeeee!! ;-)

-- Anonymous, October 16, 2002

My prayers and condolences to the victims of the Bali blast which occured two days ago.

This is a foul and completely irrational attack against peoples and places which has no political links or undertones whatsover.

I hope for the sake of the entire Southeast Asia and the world that the Indonesian government has enough balls to arrest all the prime suspects.

May justice prevail and overcome the purveyors of fear and whatever their motives might be.

-- Anonymous, October 14, 2002

I really cannot understand football associations at the moment. On the one hand they moan and groan about the number of games their players have to play for their clubs and then like dear old Sweden go and arrange a meaningless friendly 4 days after a Euro 2004 qualifier. It really amazes me and angers me that the likes of Zlatan could at worst stand a very good chance of an injury and at best be knackered for Saturday's game. Who pays their b****y salaries for gods sake. Yours - Angry of Bocking

-- Anonymous, October 14, 2002

Rather than three separate posts,I fugue I'll combine a few Ajax- related tidbits into one post.

First,the photo of Rafael van der Vaart resuming light training ,posted on,is a sight for sore eyes.It buoys the hope of all supporters that he can return by 12 November.

Second, Ajax has a short article about a young Danish striker,Johan Absolonsen. This is not the first story that has surfaced to the effect of Ajax being interested in this youngster.The difference in this story,and the reason it interests me, is the headline to the effect of "Absolonsen readies himself for future with Ajax". Ajax also has a link to a story by someone called Niels Abildtrup ,in Danish, on the Fyen Stiftstidende website.

Third ,Ajax Jeugd .nl has two photos of none other than Stefan Pettersson. I believe the caption accompanying the photos says that Pettersson was watching A-level youth. Pettersson was apparently just visiting Ajax.

No match action but Ajax ,as always, is in the news.

-- Anonymous, October 11, 2002

I now know how Cristian Chivu suffered his rib injury. The same way I just suffered mine: I just laughed so hard at Bill Bryden's last post,I have damaged a rib.You really are the Clown Prince of these pages Mr. Bryden.

-- Anonymous, October 10, 2002

Kiki Musampa former Ajax and Bordeaux player is now leading the pichichi course with his club Malaga in Spain. 5 goals in 4 matches.

Hurray for Kiki !!!!

(Plus it reminds me the ol' good times when Ajax was humiliating Madrid 0-2 at Santiago Bernabeu touching the crossbars so many times .....boohhooo)

-- Anonymous, September 30, 2002

Professor Menno - Your Starter for 10 points

The likes of Walker and Kras have been loaned out to GBA and Zwolle for the season. Can Ajax recall these players part of the way through the period as we sure need they at Camp ArenA just now ?

-- Anonymous, September 30, 2002

I think I just answered my own question - CL '96 final was held in Rome....yes ?

-- Anonymous, September 25, 2002

Where was the final held for CL 96 ?

Ajax - Juve.

Was it Turin or San Siro ??

-- Anonymous, September 25, 2002

Clue Number One for Ray's eyes only (no cheating the rest of you) ......... the roaring nineties. ;-)

-- Anonymous, September 25, 2002

Need some hints, Bill...

What decade did the match take place ? 70's, 80's or nineties ?

-- Anonymous, September 25, 2002

A quick quiz question to while away the time to kick-off:

Name the date, the team we played and the score from the last time Ajax played in the San Siro.

-- Anonymous, September 25, 2002

Interesting (or not) to note that there is a correlation between my real favourite record, which is I Heard It On The Grapevine by Marvin Gaye, and the situation tonight in not being able to watch the game. Thought the situation had been solved by one of our Sons saying Sky would be showing the match as part of the new package (here in UK we will be able to see every game live apparently), only to be told this morning that the new package only kicks-in next season. So it will be back to teletext and instead.

-- Anonymous, September 25, 2002

HA HA Bill, very funny!

Well I wouldn't dae give my favourite opens you up to far too much abuse! I can't concentrate either. Problem is here in Belgium I can't get the match live...I gotta put up with P$V and the Arse.....agony! I don't know whether to go to teletext or wait for the highlights!!!!

Oh...on the score 2-0 to Inter if they get stage fright...but probably 3-1 to Ajax. Inter haven't played as a team since the Germs (Matheus/Kinsmann) left town.


-- Anonymous, September 25, 2002

Really nervous about tonights game and finding it very hard to concentrate on work. So to take the mind off the game how about posting your favourite record of all time. OK I will start the ball rolling with ...... the Ajax March....... s**t this isnt going to work either ;-)

-- Anonymous, September 25, 2002

Compared to player moves made by Ajax in the hazy, crazy days of yore,this move actually makes sense. Titled "Third-Division Floey Trades Shrimp for Kristensen",the article goes as follows:

"Both teams said they got a good catch when striker Kenneth Kristensen switched soccer teams in Norway for about 170 pounds of fresh shrimp. Third division Floey agreed to pay Kristensen's weight in shrimp to rival Vindbjart in order to acquire the striker, the newspaper Faedrelandsvennen reported Friday. Kenneth was very eager to play for Floey, and we didn't want to be difficult. But he was under contract to us, so of course we had to demand some kind of compensation,Vindbjart club president Vidar Ulstein said. Vindbjart felt it was a fair deal, and will take the scales to the match on Saturday, when Kristensen will be weighed". And to think Ajax held on to Chris Kanu,etc. Surely there is a fish scale somewhere in Amsterdam.

I hear Ajax also demanded cocktail sauce and lemon in the deals which rid us of Alistair Dick and Frank Stapleton years ago; almost scuttling the proposed sales.

-- Anonymous, September 21, 2002

Dear Rudy

I have lived for a half a century and it has just dawned on me that I dont think that I have never experienced a semi spiritual existential moment - but maybe I have done but not recognised it as one.

How would I know, is it painful and do you have to be alone to have one?

Yours Mr B from Bocking

-- Anonymous, September 12, 2002

Darn Bill....

All of your questions have been floating around in my subconscious (honest!), seeing someone put them together and put them on screen has given me a semi spiritual existential moment.

God Bless You!

Don't have any answers on the questions you raise though!



-- Anonymous, September 12, 2002

Interesting (or not) to note that over the last few days we now know (or not):

(1) Who was invited to Mido's wedding and how important they were. Must admitt, I was very upset not to have got an invite myself, but couldnt spare the time off work anyway. BTW did he have a stag night ?

(2) Van 't Schip is or isnt the coach of Young Ajax

(3) Chivu keeps getting messages that I cannot understand - come on lets be fair and put them in English so that I can be jealous that I am not 30 years younger, better looking,about 3 stone lighter, and having girls send everlasting admirations to my goodself.

(3) Nobody can agree on anything to do with Zlatan. Is Jake and Zlatan one of the same person ? Just a thought to ponder on.

(4) We cannot decide if it was the Dicksters fault that Raffie got injured again and if Ben is suffering from a disease called Dicksterism.

(5) Either 350 or 1000 people were present at Jari's homecoming - maybe there were only 350, but they moved around a lot, or there were a thousand people there and the numbers were reduced for tax reasons.

So all in all I am glad a lot of unanswered questions in my mind have been cleared up - how about you ?

-- Anonymous, September 12, 2002

Tottaly random post:Anyone saw those Crazy Argentinians beating the USA Basketball team???Damn they were great!They changed Basketball history!!!Now i realised that their baskeball team is the best thing they've done since Maradona's birth... ;-)

-- Anonymous, September 05, 2002

Yep, Benfice is the answer. They play in the "Estadio da Luz". It's pretty ugly from the outside, but very very big. I believe it holds some 110000 people. Biggest in Europe if i'm not mistaking.

You should have known that, Menno, since Ajax played one of it's most famous matches there in 1969 ;)

-- Anonymous, August 28, 2002


Benfica, of course ! And occasionally the Portugese crybabies national team.

-- Anonymous, August 28, 2002

A few weeks ago, when I was in England for the Norwich City friendly, Bastiaan and I participated in a pub quiz in Surbiton, just outside London. With our friend Dave and his friend Rupert, we were AJAX :-)

The quiz was really nice. A lot of very intersting, tough questions about all kinds of subjects. Not the stupid stuff you would expect in a tavern. We finsihed fifth out of ten, which I thought was really good, because many questions were about English culture, politics and history.

Anyways... I was waiting for a football question, but when I came, I didn't know the answer, which was very annoying indeed. Let's see if you folks know...

"Which football team, except Sunderland and - occasionally - the English national team, plays home game at the Stadium Of Light?"

Prize: my compliments :-)

-- Anonymous, August 28, 2002

Henri Scheweleff (Finland - VPS), 19, trained with Ajax a couple of weeks ago. He was happy with his session in Holland and probably Ajax too, as they want him to come back for a new testweek.

Anybody know anything about this? I heard that he participated in a couple of games too. Could anybody tell me about him? Impressed?

-- Anonymous, August 18, 2002

Interesting article on Nando Rafael and the fallout that could happen. Read it on: m

-- Anonymous, August 13, 2002

Great stuff on Gazza here, Bill...!!'re developing to be Ajax-USA's humour columnist, a-la F365's style. (Especially about the comet named 2002 -NT-Zlatan)

I'll definitely make a trip or two to the nation's capital to watch his highness pull off his trademark stunts, be it on or off the pitch. It'll be a great injection of fun the the rather mundane MLS.

-- Anonymous, July 26, 2002

Nothing to do with Ajax, but thought this may interest our cousins across the pond :


The US of A could shortly have a new British cultural attaché if Paul Gascoigne's move to DC United goes ahead as planned. Quite what our friends across the pond will make of Gazza we've no idea, but it's fair to say they'll never have met anyone with quite as much, er, joie de vivre as the legendary midfielder. Just so Uncle Sam knows exactly what he's letting himself in for, please find below a compilation of the favourite Gazza moments, of which there are many?

Interrupted a TV interview with Liverpool-bound former Everton teammate Abel Xavier by repeatedly wailing "Don't go, Abel? please don't leave us" from a changing room window.

Crashed Middlesbrough's team bus at the club's training ground, causing £310,000 worth of damage.

Reportedly set fire to the ITV's World Cup 2002 studio while having a sneaky fag in between transmissions.

On a trip to London, jumped out of his car to demand "a go" on a workman's pneumatic drill. After getting the go-ahead, happily pounded the pavement to the amusement of shoppers.

Asked his Dad to bring him a hamper of his favourite food when he visited his son in Italy. Gascoigne Snr brought a large basket full of pasta.

When told by one Football365 journalist that he was from a website, he replied: "Website? What's that then?"

One hour after playing for England, met showbiz pals Danny Baker and Chris Evans in a Hampstead pub while still wearing his full kit - boots included.

While conducting a vox pop for ITV during the World Cup, confided on camera to a passing motorist that he was only doing it because he needed the money.

When asked for his nationality before an operation, told the nurse: "Church Of England."

Organisers of Italia 90 TV coverage augmented team line-ups with film of each player mouthing his own name. Whenever Gazza's caption appeared, it was clear he was mouthing "F***ing W***er". The BBC used it all the way through the tournament regardless.

Astounded commuters in London by jumping on a double-decker in London's Piccadilly Circus and asking if he could have a drive. The bus driver said yes, asked if he could drive to Gary Lineker's house.

Asked by a Norwegian camera crew if he had a message for England's upcoming opponents, immediately responded with, "Yes. F*** off Norway." Then ran off laughing.

Greeted reporters in Rome by standing up, asking for silence, then farting at ear-splitting volume.

When asked for a footballing comment while at Lazio, burped enthusiastically into a TV microphone. He was fined £39,000.

Sent a rose to the Wimbledon dressing room for Vinnie Jones after the infamous ball-squeezing incident. Got a toilet brush in return.

When a reporter enquiring as to his fitness asked: "What do you feel like now?", replied: "I feel like a kebab with onions."

As 'perk' of boot-cleaning duties during his apprenticeship, took Kevin Keegan's Golas home to show his mates. And promptly left them on the Newcastle Underground.

Forgot to pack his passport for Boro's pre-season tour of Libya and was spotted weeping at the check-in desk until a minion was despatched to fetch it.

On meeting the president of the Danish FA, claimed he could speak the local lingo. When invited to demonstrate, imitated The Muppet Show's Swedish Chef.

Paid £320 for a Mars Bar in a newsagents in his home town of Dunston, then told the shop owner to spend the change on sweets for local kids.

Spent £1000 on a state-of-the art robot then programmed it to march into Jimmy Five Bellies' bedroom and announce: "Make a cup of tea, fat man."

Recorded a video message for a corporate party and signed off with a cheery "Happy Christmas, you f***ing w***ers".

Whilst dining in the prestigious Bedford Arms Hotel in Woburn, decided to place his member on the shoulder of a diner at the next table. Thinking someone had tapped him on the shoulder, the gentleman turned his head only to have Gazza's helmet prod him in the cheek.

I am sure you'll agree, Britain's loss is most definitely America's gain?

Enjoy him while you can

-- Anonymous, July 26, 2002

This is nice. There's a photo report on Ajax of the day the new official team picture was shot. Last year Ajax chose for Dam Square, with the Royal Palace in the background. This year it's the City Theatre balcony in Leidseplein. The photo report is right HERE.

-- Anonymous, July 19, 2002

This is funny... Found it on NOS Teletekst.

On the same day as the World Cup final, a Dutch advertising company organized a so-called "Final Of The Smallest", between the two bottom teams on the FIFA World Ranking. Bhutan (#202) and Montserrat (#203). The company got the idea because Bhutan is coached by a Dutchman, Arie Schans (never heard of him, and what on earth is he doing over there?)

The game was played at Changlimithang Stadium in Thimpu, the Bhutan capital. 10,000 spectators saw Bhutan captain Wangyel Dorji score a hattrick, leading his team to a 4-0 victory. FIFA accepted the game as an official one.

This is the start of a GREAT tradition! Congratulations to Montserrat for being "The World's Smallest" for the next four years. You could organize one hell of a 'cult trip' to these games, just like the Academy Awards for Worst Movies (remember The Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes?). Hilarious. :-)

-- Anonymous, July 01, 2002

Does anyone know where I Can buy Championship Manager for a Mac?

-- Anonymous, May 14, 2002

I know that there is no way that u can compare players using numbers.But i made an attempt here.I compare Mido,Machlas and Zlatan in:Heading,Finishing,Dribling,Strenght,Pace,Stamina,Passing,Shooting,I nteligence,Teamwork,Movement...

Mido :17,18,17,18,17,17,16,17,17,17,16 Average:17 Machlas :17,18,14,16,15,18,19,15,18,18,19 Average:17 Zlatan :16,14,19,17,17,17,15,17,17,15,15 Average:16,2

I would add Experience but it would be unfair for the two young ones...Of course this isn't a way to judge a player.And there are many other aspects of a player's ability.But i just wanted to try this... :-) PS:Who gives a shit anyway???We are champions!!! :-DDDDDDD

-- Anonymous, May 08, 2002

Dutch team will never leave the Dutch leagues for the German one. There might be a chance of a common Benelux league, but no chance at all for joining the German League.

-- Anonymous, April 17, 2002

Contained well within an article on the SPL breakaway in The Times today, was a paragraph talking about UEFA being worried that the move of The Old Firm to the English League would lead to the top sides in Portugal moving to Spain and..... the top sides in Holland moving to the German League. An interesting thought, and one which I havenot come across before.

-- Anonymous, April 17, 2002

:-D Hahaha!Nobody can fight with THIS board of directors!!!Further more,THIS board of directors always tells the truth...Maybe the OTHER ONE lies quite often... ;-)

-- Anonymous, April 16, 2002

Geo, I assume you don't mean OUR board of directors (pictured below). I asked them, and they don't remember having a fight with Nikos, ever. Of course, they don't always tell the truth...

BTW, I think John O'Brien has accepted an invite to play for USA against Ireland on Wednesday. But USA (Don't mean to rub it in, Menno) is going to the World Cup, so their friendly is pretty significant.

-- Anonymous, April 16, 2002

Maybe you are right Menno...But Nikos in the past,had a big fight with the Ajax directors,coach e.t.c. for not letting him play in a friendly game against Russia.So i don't think he would claim a fake injury to avoid a game in the national team.In the other hand,i'm not sure,but here in Greece,we all know that Nikos really loves the national team,and many times he stated that it is the first team in his heart.He never avoided playing even a friendly game in the past.Well,yeah those games are a pain in the ass for the teams,but essential for the National Teams :-)...Anyway,it is great for Ajax that those players stay in Amsterdam(no matter the reasons).From now on,every game is important..

-- Anonymous, April 16, 2002

Since we don't have a thread for "Non-Dutch Ajacieden and their national teams", I thought this would be the best thread.

Nikos Machlas, Cristian Chivu and Steven Pienaar have turned down invitations for midweek friendly games with their respective national teams (Greece, Romania and South-Africa).

Here's their official reasons: Chivu (due in Poland with Romania) suffers from a minor groin injury. Pienaar has a knee injury and Machlas' ankle hurts a little bit, so he will not play the Cezch Republic with Greece. Tomás Galásek, by the way, was invited for the Czech Republic. As far as I know, he did not turn down his invitation and will play against Greece.

All those injuries are of course bullsh#t. These guys simply don't feel like playing a friendly game at this point, because they want to focus on Ajax, the championship and the Amstel Cup. And they're right. Friendly national games are a pain in the #ss, and they're always boring, too.

It's good to know that these guys will stay in Amsterdam.

-- Anonymous, April 16, 2002

Photo of the new homestrip for next year is shown on Ajax Mania.


-- Anonymous, April 10, 2002

Despite yesterday's crap performance (match report already sent to Jim; he'll put it up when he wakes up), this is a nice little fact to be proud of...

Not sure how long it's been: the three most important Ajax teams (the first team, Young Ajax and the A1 youth) are all at the top of the table in their leagues.

Which is nice :-)

-- Anonymous, February 18, 2002

Hmm...interesting Menno.

Sounds very similar to the "strategic alliance" Man Ure announced a year ago with the NY Yankees. I'm not sure what has actually been accomplished since the initial PR hoopla though.

-- Anonymous, February 01, 2002

This was recently posted to the "Rumors" thread in the discussion boards at Ajax Mania:
"Source: Someone I know who works for the Minnesota Vikings.

The N.F.L. has been talking to Ajax Amsterdam about a 'Stategic Partnership' between the two organizations, -no agreement has yet been reached.

No money would change hands under the proposed agreeement, but the NFL would introduce Ajax to the important American consumer market, and some exhibition games will be played in the USA. This would hopefully significantly bolster Ajax's merchandising revenues.

In return, Ajax would help with the marketing of the Amsterdam Admirals in Europe. This may result in a name change for the Admirals, although it is seen as unlikely that they would play in the Arena.

The NFL has failed to integrate its NFL Europe into European culture, - this new strategy of aligning NFL Europe teams, with existing soccer clubs, is seen as a way to combat this.

Barcelona have already signed such an agreement, and from now on their American Football team will be known as the F.C. Barcelona Dragons.

Clubs in the Bundeslegia have also been contacted."

Full discussion: ?ubb=get_topic;f=3;t=000088

-- Anonymous, January 31, 2002

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