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I love counted cross stitch but pattern books are expensive and even hard to find locally. I would love to swap patterns or books with others who love cross stitching.

-- rosemary lester (, January 31, 2002


If you will e-mail me an address,I have some pattern books you can have. Sheryl Thomas

-- Sheryl Thomas (, January 31, 2002.

Rosemary, I have several patterns that you are more than welcome to have. E-mail me privately, thanks.

-- Terran in VT (, January 31, 2002.

Email me to what you are looking for- I may have some you can have as well. I need to organize that part of the craft cabinet anyway! :+)

-- briches (, January 31, 2002.

I have some I'd like to swap. You might like to post this on the new Cooking and Crafts forum, too. To get to the forum click on "Lusenet" at the top of this page. Then scroll down that new page and click on "Cooking and Crafts."

-- Bren (, January 31, 2002.

I have lots and lots, too. Do you have any particular interests in patterns? Email me, or post on the craft forum on Lucenet above, the types you have or want to trade for. Jan

-- Jan in Co (, January 31, 2002.

I want to say thanks to everyone who has emailed me about cross stitch patterns--you countrysiders are very generously kind! Many have wanted to know what interests I may have, so here goes.... I absolutely love roses, florals, country anything, amish, country samplers, Bible scriptures, and apples. Thanks to all who have responded! Sincere appreciation, Rosemary

-- rosemary (, February 01, 2002.

Send me your snail-mail Rosemary, I've got lots of stuff to share.

-- Jorja Hernandez (, February 01, 2002.

Rosemary, I think I have several put away that I could lay my hands on. If you'll send me your address, I'll get some copies made and send them your way. If you have an excess coming in right now, let me know and I'll even hold off for a while! I think in particular I have the "Monday's child is fair of face, Tuesday's child is..." pattern around here somewhere, and it is precious!

-- Christine in OK (, February 01, 2002.

Rosemary,contact me again please.My reply to your mail came back undeliverable.

-- Sheryl Thomas (, February 03, 2002.

Here is a great cross stitching site, that has tons of FREE patterns. I have downloaded and stitched lots of them

-- Helen Banham (, March 24, 2002.

God Bless everyone for their kindness and generosity. Thank you Sheryl and Jorji for the cross stitch books. I really do appreciate your generousity so much! Thanks to everyone who responded to my message with information to help find booklets. You are all so amazingly kind!

-- rosemary (, April 14, 2002.

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