good luck on the east coast bro.... I'm still kicking it here with your sister on the westside : LUSENET : William Coit's Campaign Forum : One Thread

what up william good luck to you bro. I still holding it down on the west coast. Me and tryann talk all the time.. I have my own Record Label and things are going pretty good...check me out.

-- Quinton Brent (, January 30, 2002


Thanks for the support. Send me an email at

-- William Coit (, January 31, 2002.

I wish you all the luck in the world William....This is a long time friend, we grow up together and we would sometime talk to each other throw the window at night,(ring a bell yet my grandmother lived next door to your mom). William I'm so proud of you and I know that you will make one hell of a congressman. I spoke with Tryann and she gave me the info. to send you this e-mail, so get in touch with me.

-- Vanessa DeJean (, March 10, 2002.

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