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I'm having a bit of difficulty understanding something... I am using Adaptec Easy CD 5. I want to burn a 2 hour movie on to a VCD. I understand that I can also distribute this movie over 2 cds. But how can i do it easily? I just either want the whole thing on 1 cd, or separate it over 2 cds. Has anyone ever done anything like this and could possibly help out?

-- mike t (, January 30, 2002


The only way you could put the film on one CD would be to re-encode it at a bit rate so low that it would almost unwatchable. You will have to split the file in half prior to burning. TMPGenc ( has a very crude editor that you can use to split your file. I will warn you that Easy CD Creator is garbage and you might be better off to throw it away and switch to something like Nero (, but once you split your file in two, it will probably work OK. EZ CD Creator lacks support for features such as overburning which are quite valuable to have if you are going to get serious about making VCDs.

-- Jason (, January 31, 2002.

There is always an easier solution to any problem. You do NOT have to sacrifice quality to achieve your goal. Easy CD is fine for regular use. Believe me Nero has its problems too. Mike T has a point though, if it must go on 1 disk you will lose serious quality. If you have access to programs like Quick Time Pro you can split it up into 2 seperate movies easily. Just open it up in QT (1st resave it with a new name so not to permanently change the original, and save the movie on your harddrive) drag the time line marker to the middle of the movie. Then (on PC) hold down Shift and click and drag the marker to the right. Hit delete key. Save. Then repeat this but going to the left to remove first half of movie. Save. Keep in mind you should make a note of the time or frame number of where you start your first deletion so to refrence it on the second one. You will need to reconvert these to MPEG and then burn each one on their own disk. If they are still too large you will need to compress them further or use more disks. Thats all I can tell you. Good luck!

-- ill FX (, June 30, 2002.

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