what ingred. are in bisquick?

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I use this all the time... Is there a home way of making this and does it save money? thanks cARRIE

-- carrie (onemaur@olg.com), January 30, 2002


I have used a recipe called missouri mix to take the place of bisquick. just do a search on the internet for missouri mix. hope this helps.

-- Debi (iowaranchgal@vision.net), January 30, 2002.

Carrie, here is a recipe for Bisquick


10 C. flour

3/8 c. Baking powder

1 tsp. Cream of tartar

1 1/4 c. powdered milk

1 1/2 TBS. salt

1/4 c. sugar

1 pound Crisco shortening

Mix well and store in air tight container, will keep for 1 month. This recipe can be cut in half. Happy cooking!

-- cowgirlone in OK (cowgirlone47@hotmail.com), January 30, 2002.

Thanks for the recipe for Bisquick. I once had a copy from a fellow student at Sunset School of Preaching, Lubbock, TX (78-80). It was lost in moving. Maggie

-- Maggie Eaton (dragonlady430@earthlink.net), June 26, 2002.

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