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Is there anyone else out there making homemade baskets from reed. I am an avid basket maker and LOVE IT! I only know of a few other people who make them but it would be great to hear from others. We could swap tips and dying techniques. Also, does anyone know where a good place to sell them would be. I would like to try to earn some extra income from selling them but I find I don't have the knowledge in that area.

-- Stacy in Michigan (, January 30, 2002


Craft stores, florist, gift stores, flea markets, farmers markets. Being handmade feel free to advertise in the small local papers.

-- mitch hearn (, January 30, 2002.

We live in an area with a pretty low income level. I have tried craft fairs and they end up costing more than I make. I think it's the income level here. I have also tried florist shops and they say they can get them cheeper in bulk. Any other ideas?

-- Stacy in Michigan (, January 30, 2002.

My Amish friends make baskets and they are doing great. They have people come from Columbus and all over buying them. While you can buy them cheaper elsewhere, the quality is not nearly as good. I bought several for Christmas gifts.

-- Melissa in SE Ohio (, January 30, 2002.

When I lived in Montana and had a huge weeping willow tree in my yard, I made some baskets. They were cute but it was clear I would starve to death if I were to try and make a living from it.

I repect those who have the skill to make a well made basket. Have you tought of consignment at a local tourist trap or home decorating boutique?

-- Laura (, January 30, 2002.

Im in Mich,, I've made a few,, nothing fancy,,just to try it. Where are you,,I know a craft store that sells crafts ,,other peoples and their own, One lady has baskets in there,,does pretty well,, but she is kinda expensive.

-- Stan (, January 30, 2002.

Stacy-----I respect your talent-----I made one basket & that will be all in this lifetime!! ha!! I don't know if you have consignment shops in your area or not---but I put antiques /gifts & crafts in consignment shops all over & do really well!!!! As you only pay a commission when it sells & not booth sapce --or that type of thing--- also when I had beauty salons & also a motel with a lobby-- I always wanted quality crafts to sell that I took in on consignment--- just an idea---of a few places that might be interested-- best wishes!! also if you have an arts council in your area---they can also probably help you---

-- Sonda in Ks. (, January 30, 2002.

I really appreciate all of the response! I have not found a really good consignment store in this area that has a lot of traffic, and also other high quality items. Maybe I just don't know where to look. As for Stan's question, I am in Oceana County near the shores of Lake Mighigan. Quite close to Silver Lake Sand Dunes, if you know where that is. Anyway, let me know where a really good show is as I do quite a bit of traveling in various areas of MI. I might be able to work something out.

My favorite basket is a drift wood basket complete with the drift wood, which by the way is becomming increasingly hard to find these days. It is approx. 18-20" tall and holds the drift wood collected from beaches. It is very cool. Also I enjoy making totes of assorted sized. These are so great to take in the place of a diaper bag to church, because it is easily identified and light. Plus you get lots of oogh's & aaghs.

A tip for those of you out there who either make baskets or own nice ones. Every 6 months your baskets need to be either a)spritzed with a water bottle(if they have glued handles or any painted art work on them) or b) soaked in water for 15 minutes. The materials your basket is made out of become dry and brittle. Maintaining the moisture in your baskets will add years to their life span and usefullness. THIS HAS BEEN A PUBLIC SERVICE ANOUNCEMENT FROM US POUR DRIED OUT BASKETS! Hee hee!

-- Stacy in Michigan (, January 31, 2002.

Stacy I know you specifically mentioned reed but if you also work in willow there is an occasional market for antique motorcycle side cars, small car bodies and such like.

I once made a little car with a steel frame and willow basket outer and it was my personal transport for ten years, now it is in a museum and still admired. One of my more sucessful way-out ideas! :)

There is a steady demand for woven furniture too.

-- john hill (, January 31, 2002.

Hi, Stacy.

I've been making baskets for years, mostly for family gifts or for personal use; egg baskets, Easter baskets, market basekts, berry baskets, even a big laundry basket. One thing you might consider is offering classes on basket making. I've done this before and it works out pretty well. The cost of the class would include materials and a small fee for your instruction. You won't make a million dollars but it's nice to have a little extra money and a great way to share your talent. You could check with your local recreation department or library or just put up some flyers.

Wishing you enough.

-- Trevilians (aka Dianne in Mass) (, January 31, 2002.

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