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Hello everyone,

Who is the owner of this forum and what is its purpose? I recognize some names (such as Connie and Mark) from the other Christian Church list. It has been well over a year since I read or wrote anything on that list.

I have a forum on this server named Church of Christ. I was *born and raised* in the Church of Christ. They are my spiritual brothers and sisters if they were obedient to our Lord as Peter stated in Acts 2:38. Also ANYONE who has done thus and has been added to the body by the Lord is also my spiritual brother and sister.

However, I do not wish to have a part in a list that is a place to take vengence, since that is up to our Father to do. Sooooo, please tell me what the purpose of this list is and who owns it.


Nelta Brock

-- Nelta Brock (nib@hal-pc.org), January 30, 2002


Hello Nelta.

I asked them the same question and when I pointed out their fruit was poisoned with back biting, they DELETED the post! Gee, I thought they started this forum because the other forum deleted posts that the moderators didn't agree with!

The human heart is so deceitful!

Well, I will be honest. The thread asking what kind of forum this is was deleted after these folk refused a gentle admonishment for their behavior and I called it the BACK BITING BLIGHTED BRANCH FORUM!

-- Laura (Ladybugwrangler@hotmail.com), January 30, 2002.


to find out what this forum is all about all you have to do is go to the "about" section and also see the thread "A quick note about some of the people this forum is obviously aimed at", also try "Tee Hee" on for size. They are ALL self-explanatory.

This site was in part set up to bash “The Christian Church” forum in retaliation for all the deleting Danny had in the past done, and is still doing among other things.

-- D. Lee Muse (dleemuse@yahoo.com), January 30, 2002.

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