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Dear Family of friends, they caught the guy last night, hideing in woods, Now I can breath again. He was in his 40"s , they say he was suppose to be commited, a while back but fell through the cracks some how. I like to say something about guns, My husband is a gun nut, has a fireing range, and reloads all his ammuniton. And also a concealed gun premit. I felt really much safer knowing we had the fire arms in the house, We were holed up for three days, Doors locked, We kept in contact with our nieghbors by phone. Every time the dogs would bark, At night was the worse. Down here in Texas, Guns are pretty much a part of our life.There locked up, when not in use, except for one, and it is put up when Great Grand kids come. I believe now for sure we should all have the right to keep our fire arms. God Bless Irene

-- Irene in South East Texas (, January 30, 2002


Personally, I wish I had a permit to carry a weapon on my person. I'd feel a lot safer when I'm outside by myself!

-- Ardie /WI (, January 30, 2002.

I do not know about the laws there but would think you could carry a gun on your own property.

-- mitch hearn (, January 30, 2002.

Perhaps you remember the Killeen, Texas, Luby's incident several years ago. A deranged man from my hometown walked into the place and shot and killed a number of people. One young lady, who was there at the time and watched her parents gunned down, ran for political office for the first time after the incident, on the promise that, if elected, she would push for the rights of Texans to carry a concealed handgun. Her contention was that if she had been allowed to carry one in that day, she could have stopped the madman, and her parents would still be alive. We elected her, more than once, and she got that legislation passed. She is a very bright, articulate young woman, I was proud to have represent me.

Of course, there are still places in Texas where you are not allowed to carry in a concealed weapon, like government buildings, and of course, schools.

Irene, so glad to hear they have arrested this person. Wishing you a better night's sleep tonight.

-- mary (, January 30, 2002.

Were trying to get CCW in Ohio now. Would love to have the option of carrying. Current law is very vague and if your caught you have to prove that you were in immediate danger. Big court case going through cincinnati now about a Privte detective that was arrested for having a gun. He argues his job puts him in that danger and that the current ohio law should be thrown out.

-- Gary in Ohio (, January 30, 2002.

I'm glad to hear the psycho guy got caught. Hopefully, he can incarcerated and / or fixed up mentally. I have been a hunter and shooter for most of my life and honestly couldn't picture myself without access to a gun. A 'security blanket', a talisman preventing evil things from happening to me, I don't have the words to describe the feeling, but when I am armed, I don't have much fear of anything or anyone harming me.

I view my guns as tools, tools with a purpose. A tool I use for procuring meat for my family and myself. A tool I use to eliminate pests which make my life more harder. A tool that I might have to use because another human being feels that taking a family member or my life is justified, because they want to. Guns have no conscious thought, don't laugh, don't cry, they are object which can be used for good or evil. The person wielding that firearm determines that.

When I teach my children to shoot, I will not insist that they hunt; they will have to make up their own minds. Some people enjoy it; others don't, and I won't press my choice on them. However, I will insist that they are proficient with shooting them, knowing how they function, and knowing gun safety. A child sent forth into this world without having the knowledge of defending his / her self is, IMO, lacking knowledge that a parent shoould have taken care of. No matter where you live, or how you act, it is a possibility that many of us will be victimized at one time or another in our lifetime.

If nothing else, the child should be taught how to be safe around guns. How to unload them and keeping children safe from getting to them especially. Sorry, I hope this didn't sound too preachy, my apologies to anyone feeling different.

-- j.r. guerra in s. tx. (, January 30, 2002.

Exactly j.r. guns are just another tool around here. We ahve taught our children form infancy and I believe they have a deep respect for them.

-- Melissa in SE Ohio (, January 30, 2002.

I'm glad you brought this's funny, I was just thinking about the issue of guns this morning. My husband hunts deer, grouse, and ducks and we have two firearms in the house. I don't think I would have a problem shooting a deer. (though I sat out with him on the last day of deer season this year and I found myself just cringing, anticipating the sound of the rifle. They are so loud! As it turned up, it wasn't an issue because we did not get a deer that time). I need to learn how to use a gun, but I find myself resisting. I want to get over this hurdle but I'm still somewhat intimidated by them. There was a gun show nearby last weekend; my husband and some friends went in but I could not get myself to go in..I just couldn't! I went and wrote for an hour till they were done! I told my husband he could buy me a firearm but he didn't find what he was looking for.

I think I will be learning to handle one soon. I know I should; I don't like being ignorant. My question to any of you is. did you have a hard time overcoming any reluctance at first? (it may also help you to know that I didn't grow up with guns, hunting, or anything like that in my family.)

Thanks in advance.

-- Cat (, January 30, 2002.

Maybe somone can help me with this story. I am not sure if I have it all correct or not.

I recently heard of a case where a man went wacko in a college somewhere and was shooting people. Two students ran to their vehicles and retreived their own handguns and stopped the man from doing any further damage. When the papers reported the story no mention of the men using their own guns to control the crook were mentioned. All it said was several students overpowered the man who was doing the shooting.

This is the typical response I would expect for a BIASED PRESS.

Talk to you later.

-- Bob in WI (, January 30, 2002.

Cat---- I can't remember learning to clean--break down a gun-or shoot one---amy more than I can remember learning to ride a horse---I know I wasn't born doing so-----but was tooo little to remember learning how--- I think if you are taught things & all about them & the care & respect when very young---you never have to overcome those things---

I have a friend I lived with when we were going to school together--- her family never had a gun nor taught her anything about one--- she was terrified that I had one--- So I took her home to the farm & Dad & I taught her how to break one down & how to clean it & be very comfortable with one before we ever taught her how to load it & shoot one!!

Maybe if you start slow---- just a thought---

-- Sonda in Ks. (, January 30, 2002.

When my children were in the house the guns were fairly useless tools because I hold a firm belief that as long as teenagers are cute little folks who can all become very weird at times, the guns need to be locked up..only my husband had the key to the gun box and it was on him, literally at all times. As soon as the last fledgling left the nest, out came the pistols. Now I feel 100% confident that should any person make the colossal error of atempting to break into our home, they will be met with either 4 nasty dogs (if we aren't home), or both of us armed and dangerous if we are at home. One of our dogs is trained to protect at any cost, upon command. I would NOT want to be the guy who tested her abilities. I carry a registered nine millimeter handgun at all times...Alabama has a nice easy permit to carry a concealed weapon law which, BTW, is reciprocal to several states. We have a few other goodies as well..I used to ask the inmates where I practiced what they would do if faced with a middle- aged woman and a 12 gauge, backed up by snarling dogs? They all immediately said they would hightail it out of the area as fast as they could run. When my husband is not at home, I never worry about my safety. I think the most important thing to realize is that if you have a gun that you KNOW how to use it and clean it and load it and evreything about it..and that you decide ahead of time IF you could shoot someone. If you could never see yourself firing the gun, you should use a shovel instead because the gun will be useless. I hope and pray I will never have to shoot anyone in my life, but if I had to to protect myself or my husband, or my friends and family,, I certainly would..and I would aim for the deadliest area that I could see.

-- lesley (, January 30, 2002.

I, too, was taught at a young age by my grandfather how to shoot, and proper respect for a firearm. I cant imagine not having a gun in my house now, being that most of the time I'm alone with two small children. Arizona has pretty liberal gun laws here, you can open carry with no permit, and CCW's are fairly easy to come by. Vermont still has the best laws on the books of any state, open or conceal, no permit required at all. Yes, that story about the students in FL taking out the bad guy are true, just nobody reported the truth of the matter, that a gun saved the lives of countless other people in harms way.

Take care!

-- Judy L. (, January 30, 2002.

I just wonder if any of you with guns have actually watched anyone die from a gunshot wound? Because this is a family forum, I wont describe it, but its not something you forget.

I'm afraid I don't view guns as a tool. I believe that the purpose of a gun is for one thing-to take the life of another living breathing creature. I believe before you pick up a gun you need to ask yourself, can I live with the consequenses if I kill another human being? Even hunters have to ask themselves this question because hunting accidents are dreadfully frequent. Way too many times an argument escalats and someone ends up dead because loaded guns were available. A dear friend of mine took his life becouse in a moment of dispair, a loaded gun was available. Yes, I have been threatened, I have had a knife held to my throat and I truly believed I was going to die. I STILL believe that when you pick up a gun, you had better be prepared to face the possiblity of killing. Think about what it would be like to watch someone die on the floor and know that you are responsable, think about your child, accidently shooting a playmate or sibling. Just a few days ago, a police officer came home, took his weapon off, carefully laid it up on the bureau and while he watched, but before he could react, his young son grabbed it and fately shot the officer. It took SECONDS.

I believe in strict control laws-just how did someone who was suppose to be in a mental health facility get hold of a deadly weapon? And I believe that if you do have guns, you need to really think through the awesome responsabilty of that weapon.

-- Kelly (KY) (, January 30, 2002.

Kelly, we do have strict gun control laws, but just as anything else no one can predict human behavior. Folks have whacked others with hammers, knives from the kitchen drawers, ropes, silk scarves, electrical wires, bathtubs, baseball get the idea I'm sure. Countries where it is illegal to own a gun have folks who use other tools when they want to whack someone or themselves. Recently, there was a fellow in japan who murdered several young folks in a school with a knife. How did a mental patient get ahold of a knife? I have seen many folks expire from gunshot wounds in hospital ERs over the years. I have also worked with inmates who were incarcerated for first degree murder who couldn't care less whom they killed or how. As I mentioned above, guns as a tool are not for everyone. Those of you who could not under any circumstances shoot an intruder or a rapist, or a person wielding a baseball bat at you or your loved ones should NOT have guns. Guns are for those of us who are willing to use them as deadly force if that should ever be necessary. The concept of "wounding" an attacker to stop the attack does not work and would leave you dead by your own gun after the attacker has taken it from your hand. For those folks who choose not to have guns for protection, I am sure that you have other methods of self-protection that you feel more comfortable with. I do not think that folks who choose to ban guns from their home are making a mistake..they are wise and know themselves well. I do wish though that folks who choose not to have guns would do some research on their own (ignore the media) and actually discover how many suicides use guns, vs how many do many murders are committed without guns, etc. An informed person is always better served.

-- lesley (, January 30, 2002.

It is a big responsibility to own any weapon, and as Leslie said an amazing amount of items can be used as weapons, even a common kitchen knife, or the now infamous boxcutters. Many schools no longer allow a compass in class because of the pointy end.

It goes back to the basic premise of teaching people responsibility, respect for human life, moral values, and just plain old right from wrong.

-- Melissa in SE Ohio (, January 31, 2002.

Cat, as the others said, don't push it. The fear of the noise of the firearm IS a little startling, but you have to remember that it is just a SOUND. No pain, just that loud BANG when the gun goes off. The sound often causes even seasoned shooters to flinch (involuntary movement, causing aim to move off target). Good hearing protection, and starting with a small firearm (.22lr) will get you more accustomed to the sound.

Kelly, I respect your feelings and opinions on this issue. Yes, it is an awesome responsibility, and something everyone should think about before purchasing a gun. Many of us purchase a firearm, then lock it up and think "Okay, now I'm safe", without considering what it would really take to use it. Fortunately, statistics tell us that the majority of criminals who are confronted with an armed victim don't press the issue. They usually scoot, pronto and that is something all of us want.

None of us WANT to kill anyone; killing that person may be justified if someone knows we are armed and is willing to take the chance, someone as who Irene described in original post; that that person doesn't care. I'm willing to take that chance, because I have thought long and hard on this. If someone threatens my family or myself with bodily harm, I am willing to defend our lives. If you truly feel that you couldn't pull the trigger, then don't buy the gun. Maybe the criminal will have mercy. I won't take that chance.

-- j.r. guerra in s. tx. (, January 31, 2002.

Kelly, to answer your question, yes I have seen people dying from gunshot wounds. I worked city EMS for a while, and I saw people dying from all kinds of inflicted wounds. Guns, knives, baseball bats, anything can be used as a weapon to hurt or kill someone.

Also as a victim of violent crime myself, there is no way I will ever be that vulnerable again. If it comes down to it, yes I will shoot a person. I will protect my children, my husband and myself.

Take care and stay safe.

-- Judy L. (, January 31, 2002.

I have a feeling that on this forum I am "preaching to the choir" you all seem to have a deep respect and thoughtful attitutde about life.

I've heard so many people make careless remarks "If someone broke into my house I'd blow his brains out" with out a thought. And thanks for bringing up the point, j.r. sometimes (often) people buy guns to feel safe and it only escalates the problem.

When I was a teen, my mom was an e.r. nurse and I spent many a friday, saterday night waiting for her to get off work-she worked 3- 11 shift, but if they were shorthanded she might work longer. We lived way out in the county, and she was my ride home after ball games, or school events. (of course she was so much more! I'm just explaining how it was that I hung around Emergency rooms as a teenager!)Because of that, Anyone in a car I'm driving wears a seat belt or I don't start, I drive extreamly carefully and I will not get in a car or allow my kids in a car with anyone whos been drinking. I suppose its also colored my attitude about guns.

Leslie, you are right, you can use anythig as a weapon. In this region, according to our local sheriff, guns are far and away the most used murder/suicide weapon-but it might be different else where.

I don't know though, I will give serious thought to haveing a weapon in the house, because we ARE isolated, as much as I hate guns and hate the thought of using one, the fact reamins, there are people who would kill without a thought and, if someone like that came here, there wouldn't be time for the sheriff to get here. A really ugly fact of life now.

-- Kelly (KY) (, January 31, 2002.

We owned a Mom & Pop Motel on a busy hwy for over 6 years---- I praise God I was raised as a farm girl with a Dad & two older brothers who taught me all about every gun they ever owned & then when I married my hubby/ he also had a great respect for guns & also taught me all about all of his guns & helped me buy protection I felt comfortable with-- I honstely can not tell you how many times in those 6 years I protected myself & all the rest of the guests I had staying in our rooms from some "CRAZY IDOT"----who had plans of hurting us!! (but it was many/many/many times!!!) Almost all "my regulars" I had that stayed at our motel /I also knew they kept guns in their rooms also----& yes /I have rang their room from the switchboard & told them what I had going on & might need their backup--- There was no way a sheriff could get there until it was over--if they had someone to dispatch!!! Our dog Max--was shot & killed in our lobby protecting me---it gave me time to grab my gun & yes I would have used it--- I'm as /I'm sorry I can't remember the one who said /they had been a subject to a voilent crime--- I use to say /I'm to old if they got me in the light they would let me go--- I don't joke about that anymore-----as those idots /don't care your age --or what you look like--they only have hate in their hearts!! They may call me a pistol packing Mama---but this old Mama---knows how to use it---also!!! I respect a gun---but I would use it-- been there had to make that decision---it isn't easy no matter what!!!

-- Sonda in Ks. (, January 31, 2002.

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