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Does anyone feel that Delta 3200 has an unusually high degree of Base Fog? I am developing with HC 110 A @ 68 degrees.


-- Larry Sandt (, January 30, 2002


Response to Base Fog

Yes. I have found it to have greater base fog density in every developer I have used with it. However, I am able to print through it with no difficulty and make exceptional prints. My usual developer is PMK. I rate it at 800.

-- Ed Buffaloe (, January 30, 2002.

I would guess that you are using the 120 version of the Delta 3200. Unlike most 120 films, the Delta 3200 has a base fog similar to that of 35mm.

The 35mm version is still a little more fog than most other 35mm films, but not enough that most people notice it. For both formats, the base + fog for fresh film will run in the range of 0.38-0.45.

David Carper ILFORD Technical Service

-- David Carper (, January 31, 2002.

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