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If you would like to have a you@SweetHeathDreams email forwarding just let me know! It is just a forwarding addy, but it is kinda cool! I only have about 95 left LOL!!! So it aint like I'm lacking! Just send me the email you want the address to forward to and let me know what you want the name to be. It could be SirMic@SweetHeathDreams.com (sorry Mic youre an example, THIS ADDY DOES NOT EXIST JUST AN EXAMPLE) or MonicaorEmily@SweetHeathDreams.com (ANOTHER EXAMPLE). Hee hee hee I'm just trying to advertise LOL!!!! Youre welcome to them....but they are just for a year till our .com runs out!

P.S. No nasty names please!

Love you guys!

-- Amanda!
(amanda@sweetheathdreams.com), January 30, 2002


Hey yea I want one! I'm in school right now so I can't type my email addy and I got grounded for a week so I'll be back on...next Wednesday. But sure I want one! Just make it Monica I suppose (I'm going by the advertisement LOL!) Bye guys!

-- Monica (none@none.com), February 01, 2002.

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