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ok if you want this to go back to the active list, there will have to be posts :). I for one am curious why you chose the name church of Christ. I was raised CoC so it caught my attention.

-- no longer acceptable (notableto@ttendanymore.com), January 29, 2002


Self-righteous?? I have been called lots of names but this is a new one.

Are you my brother?:-) My grandfather was a preacher, my father was a preacher, my husband was a preacher, my brother-in-law was a preacher until he died of a heart attack while preaching one Sunday morning, my brother IS a preacher, nephews are preachers. (But.....we don't measure ourselves by ourselves....do we?


-- Nelta Brock (nib@hal-pc.org), January 30, 2002.

I was *born and raised* in the Church of Christ. These are my spiritual brothers and sisters if they have been obedient to our Lord as Peter teaches in Acts2:38. Now don't get me wrong. I believe the church of Christ is engulfed in an insitution that is nowhere taught in scripture. My desire is that we discuss HOW to get ourselves *unengulfed* and take Jesus as our guide.

What do you all think?


-- Nelta Brock (nib@hal-pc.org), January 29, 2002.

Mercy me....not pointing a finger at you and saying you are self righteous.....I am too general at times. My opinion is the CoC as a whole is looked at that way(by some members & by outsiders) Tongue in cheek now....they are the only ones that will be in heaven ya know:). And have heard plenty of sermons where other Christian denominations are mentioned in a somewhat ridiculed fashion....not a good thing (again in my opinion) for when visitors are present. Some congregations have that attitude more so than others; but I believe it is one of it's largest failings. It always makes me think of the man telling God how righteous he is, instead of that poor sinner next to him on his knees.

-- no longer acceptable (notableto@ttendanymore.com), January 30, 2002.

I am not at all offended Nelta, although I believe CoC is on the right track, they do tend to be somewhat 'self righteous'. (My Father was a preacher, my Grandfather was a preacher, and have re-tired Uncle's that taught at one of the CoC universities, along with some other family members) So I don't mean to put words in your mouth....but, I think 'self righteous' probably sums it up. A bit more bluntly perhaps, but then you should be able to poke at yourself easier than if someone else does it.:)

-- no longer acceptable (notableto@ttendanymore.com), January 30, 2002.


What do you mean by: "I believe the church of Christ is engulfed in an insitution that is nowhere taught in scripture."?

-- Kevin Walker (kevinlwalker572@cs.com), January 29, 2002.

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