Hey, is this Danny's list? If so, goodbye.

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This is Nelta Brock. I notice Connie on this list. Hello Connie. On another forum called Christian Church, there was a Dwane who use to be the moderator and then it was handed over to Danny someone. When I found that I out I had no further interest in posting.

BTW I also see Kevin on here. Hi Kevin. I set up a forum Church of Christ and it was so long ago I forgot about it until Kevin sent a post. We can try to make that one active also.

Well, this is Nelta again.

-- Nelta Brock (nib@hal-pc.org), January 29, 2002


Hey, Nelta!

How are you?

Now, you might be worth staying for. ;-)



-- Connie (hive827@cs.com), January 29, 2002.

Hi again, Connie,

Lets all stay and have a good time.


-- Nelta Brock (nib@hal-pc.org), January 29, 2002.

By the way, I do not know why Duane allowed his forum to become such place of shame.

Duane (Schwingel) himself was seemingly a fair man, but one day when he was not himself he turned his forum over to Danny.

Danny, the Tyrant, deleted half the threads (mainly of those who disagree with him, so yours are probably all gone, Nelta). ;-)

But I still believe that we are not saved by baptism, (immersion) so I hope we don't let that stand between us!

How ARE the RM-COUNSEL and the BEREAN Forums?

I suppose that Danny has locked you out of his forum, as well.

I miss J. Paul and some of the people on Al Maxey's forum. (Not Goad).

I left a few weeks ago for a rest. The one I really miss is Roger. I wonder if he ever got back from his trip by sailboat in the Caribbean?



-- Connie (hive827@cs.com), January 29, 2002.

Well, Connie, we know we disagree on the part baptism plays in our salvation. In case you forgot:-) here is my take. When one is obedient to our Lord (see Acts 2:38) as we repent and are water baptized HE adds us to His body. We have nothing to do with the adding, such as joining His body. He adds us ONLY after we have met Him at the cross as we imitate His death (repentance) burial (going down into the water, burying the dead man of sin) and then we rise (coming up out of the water) a new man, ready to live our lives for the Lord, our Savior.

Anyway....you knew how I felt:-)

Roger never did come back on Berean. It has been a long time since I was on RM-Counsel. That was not in my interest nor league.


-- Nelta Brock (nib@hal-pc.org), January 29, 2002.

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