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Here in the UK I am struggling to find Kidney beans in any of the seed catalogues.I have been told that the french bean ''canadian wonder'' is a kidney type bean.Is this the case?

I suppose really it would be cheaper and a lot less hassle to just buy some dried kidney beans at the supermarket and see if they grow.Will they grow in the uk.

But then I wouldn't know any genuine seed varieties.

Bit clueless at this gardening lark as I am sure you can tell, but I just thought I'd ask.Worse case scenario you can all have a chuckle at my kidney bean naivety.

Can't beat a good chilli though, if my question isn't complete dung what would be an authentic bean to grow and bung in my chilli.Apparently if you cook it with beer it tastes really good.

So there we go slap in a few chilli recipes too.two questions for the price of one.

-- Chilli lover (, January 29, 2002


Me again, Sorry forgot to ask, what sort of height do these things grow to?

-- Chilli lover (, January 29, 2002.

Grizz Chilli slow cook 2 lbs of stew meat 1 can of tomatoe sause with enough water to cover meatin a crock pot for 6 hrs on high when cooked add 1 can light red kidney beans 2 cans dark red kidney beans 1 can diced tomatoes and chilie powder to taste for a sweeter chili with out much bit add brown sugar to taste injoy!!

-- Grizz In Western Maryland (, January 30, 2002.

I use dried pinto beans in my chili. You can buy them here in the Southwest in 50 lb bags. They are very popular. Some people eat them every day. Hope this helps.

-- connie in nm (, January 30, 2002.

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