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OK - I keep reading about people using milk crates or plastic storage crates for chicken nest boxes. This sounds very logical but what I'm unsure of is - do you just set the crate upright or turn them on their side ? Don't the hens like to roost (and poop) on them?

-- J Flynn (, January 29, 2002


Response to Milk crates for nest boxes - how to?

You can set the crates either way. If you set them upright, make sure you have enough straw in their to make it high enough. If you have a proper roosting place, you may be able to get them to not roost on the boxes. One time I had a nice roosting pole for them, and they insisted on roosting on top of their nexting boxes even though they had a slanted roof above them. I had to nail some empty feed sacks to keep them off. Chickens are so dumb. : )

-- Pam in Oregon (, January 29, 2002.

Response to Milk crates for nest boxes - how to?

Gosh, many a time, I've thought my chickens as dumb til they do something that amazes me, and so it goes with my ducks and geese too. As far as using milk crates for nest boxes, that's what my silkie hen has her clutch in right now. I have a cochin bantam hen who sits on top of it and drops her deposits over the back. I also keep my eye open at yard sales for booda type cat litter boxes, with the tops. I bring them home and scrub em up...voila! another nest box! For awhile, we used an old wooden shipping box for rifles, and they didn't mind it either. I guess if I can say anything at all about my birds, it's that not many of them are picky! By the way, the silkie crate is on it's side. Experiment, that's half the fun of living with these birds!

-- Littlefarmer (, January 29, 2002.

Response to Milk crates for nest boxes - how to?

I use an old pet carrier that has the door missing. I put straw or old hay and leaves in it and lean a board near the front for privacy. Works!!

-- PJC (, January 29, 2002.

Response to Milk crates for nest boxes - how to?

Here's another idea....i use the wooden crates you see onion starts in at the feed stores (or home depo). adds a nice rustic look to the coop.

-- buk (, January 29, 2002.

Save yourself some money and get some 5 gal buckets for free at a bakery (mine are leftover from chinking I think). I clean them out lay them on their side on the floor, put a little straw in them and a golf ball. Voila. Free. Easy. Works.

My chickens can't roost on top of my buckets because they are round-- another improvement over the milk crates.... Good luck!

-- Ann Markson (, January 29, 2002.

this is not a responce. i bought my husband 6 rhode island hens. they are approximateley 4 months. old. he has built a real nice chicken coop. he wants to put 6 nesting boxes in the coop. planning on expanding his flock. can you provide some idesa on how to contruct 6 nesting boxes. he wants to mount them on th walls. he wants to use plywood for the nest. also install perches. can you give hin some ideas on his new project. he is a beginner but loves his reds and wants the best for them. any assistance will be deeply apreciated, concerned wife. thanks, kathy clark, florida.

-- kathy clark (, April 16, 2002.

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