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We own a bantam rooster who two days ago started to look a little ill. It is hard to give his exact symptoms as sometimes he seems ok and yet at others he just sits down and when he walks he kind of walks a little on his hocks and sort of staggers (or seems a little off balance). Then at other times he seems fine although he usually flies/jumps up somewhere to perch and yet seems to be having trouble doing this too. This morning he didn't even crow. We have him quarantined from the rest of the flock and he was eating wheat, oats, corn, sunflower seeds and barley with grit and oyster shells as well as greens from the garden etc. as he was free range during the day. Last night he did not seem very interested in his food and would only eat bread dipped in water. It was quite hot here (33) for a few days but is now only about 23 degrees C (not sure what that equates to in farenheit, or exactly how that word is spelt!). Anyway, please can anyone help me with a diagnosis as Squirt (the rooster) is such a personality and I would hate to lose him?

-- lilac (, January 29, 2002


I probably won't be very useful to you. I did answer a similar question just before yours and I will repeat here the answer I gave there:

There is a website for homeopathic treatment of poultry.

I have not found the site to be too detailed, but it might help you. The thing I have found with chickens is that they get depressed very easily when they get sick and that doesn't help the situation. It has also been my experience that taking a chicken to a vet is more expensive than the chicken is worth. That is why I am learning about homeopathy and herbal care. It is something that I can do for the chicken and it may help without hurting. Homeopathy, as I understand so far, is cross species useful. What works for one species is likely to work for another.

I suggested some books about animal care under the other thread: very boring - NON castration centric - home veterinary question (2002- 01-28)

-- R. (, January 29, 2002.

The rooster still doesn't seem any better although it seems to be only his legs and lack of balance that are affecting him. I'm not sure whether he has just lack of strength in them or they are actually sore. Apart from that he seems quite happy. No idea what it is and am getting very worried about him. Please help!!

-- lilac (, January 30, 2002.

I've seen this in the archives somewhere. Also, try a couple other sites: Here's a poultry ailment website :

How about feathersite and Poultry connection websites? Try there-- lots of info and knowledgeable people.

For starters, separate him from the others (in a pen). Put some vinegar in the water--this helps the good bacteria within him. I've had sick hens get better by themselves, good luck!

-- Ann Markson (, January 30, 2002.

well, I would more than likely say he got something spoiled. Could be botulism or it could be something else. good sites to ask these question si when there go to right of site and click on poultry forum or go to and when there click on PIE and go to forum these folks can help you also may i suggest that you go there and yesterday on PC there was some answers by Threehorses. who is Nathalie Ross and gave a epsom salt flush and molasses flush this gets rid of the cause in the gut. So go and see what you can find there also send me your name and address for free sample of nationalpoultrynews. Glenda L. heywood

-- GLHeywood (, February 01, 2002.

The rooster does not seem to be getting any better and has been like this for about a week, he is still quarantined and none of the other chickens seem to be ill. I have looked at past posts and quite a few others seem to have had similar problems it seems to be only in roosters from what I have seen written on this site but I'm not sure if that has any grounding. Anyway, have checked the symptoms of Marek's disease and Botulism but he does not seem to really fit under any of those categories except for perhaps his legs. There is nothing wrong with his neck or any progressive paralysis, but then I'm not sure whether he is showing paralysis at all or just a weakening in the legs. If he did have any of these problems wouldn't it be getting progressively worse (he is looking a little more weak) by now and showing some of the other symptoms? The other posts are right when they say they look drunk. Someone on another site said it sounded a bit like reovirus. Does anyone know what that is? Am going to try and look for more info on the net.

-- lilac (, February 01, 2002.

If the poor guy seems wobbly on his legs and a bit dizzy, weak in the legs Do try diving him brewer's yeast on his food (buy at health food store, aka nutritional yeast)as this ailment can be caused by a vitamin (B I think) deficiency. I have completely cured hens of this ailment in only several days. If it is extreme dizziness, it could be a piched nerve which I know no cure for.

-- Lisa Ginett (, February 17, 2002.

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