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Does anyone have a recommendation on whether I should purchase the Daylab 2 or the Daylab 35 plus for image transfer. I want to start working with the smaller base and the 35 comes with the 4x5 base. The 2 comes with the 3x4 base. Daylab recommended I buy the 2, but I'm not sure I trust them. No one else (that I can find is selling the 2). So . . . any help would be great. Thanks, Jennifer

-- Jennifer Donsky (, January 28, 2002


I feel equipment is really personal. If possible, I suggest trying both by renting. Check online at CALUMETPHOTO.COM to see if they have a store near year that rents equipment. The one in San Francisco charges $20 a day (a day is their business day). They are closed on Sundays and most holidays. So I rent during a long weekend for a whopping $20 and print like a crazed person.

Also, Calumet Photo sells new and used equipment. The Daylab site says they'll buy back if you upgrade through them but. . .

Good Luck!

-- Silvia MalmSawada (, July 01, 2002.

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