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This is a stumper for me. There is an "extreme" sports related business I wish to get into. I participate in this sport, though I am an anomoly by virtue of my age.

I have done some fairly in-depth research on the growth of the two primary sports that would benefit from the introduction of the venue I would like to build. One sport has experienced 883% and 407% growth from 1990-2000 for the age groups 6-11 and 12-17, respectively.

The other has grown 36% and 14% for the same respective age groups.

I have a great concept and have started to put the basic elements of a business plan together (without any dollar figures). My goal is to develop professional-caliber athletes and support professional competition in this venue. I'm currently unemployed, and have NO startup capital whatsoever.

I'm SO lost with what to do, in what order to do it. This aspect of developing/owning my own business eludes me. I prefer to do it right the first time. The overall goal, after all, is to GROW the sports. I would LOVE to bounce the idea off someone credible, retain them as a mentor, and BUILD.


Thanks for any advice and direction any of you might be able to offer...

Bob Hunter 17 South Street Torrington, CT 06790-4539

-- Bob Hunter (, January 28, 2002

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