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I have heard that you can get a modem for the PS2. When and where can I get one and would I be able to play someone, like one of yall, with it? And would both persons have to have the game or could only one? And would I have to pay any fees or subscribe to some Sony ISP? I would love to kick some of yalls tail when Mortal Kombat 5 comes out!

-- Dick Tator (Razzor-D@WebTV.net), January 28, 2002


It was planned, but doesnt exist yet. I guessing there would be a service charge, seeing as how they would charge us for BREATHING is they could(alright, little angry at my school at the moment)...and I do belive that _I_ will be doing the Sub Zero ownage in MK5...suckas...

-- Zero_6ix (Zero6ix@dangerous-minds.com), January 30, 2002.

I'm thinking that there IS from what Cecil tells me. He has a PS2 and THPS3(which can be played online). He says it goes through your regular ISP but AOL won't work(dammit, for me and him). I'm not sure but I think you would have ot have some sort of USB adaptor.

-- Draconic Leader (draconicleader@yahoo.com), January 30, 2002.

But would both people have to have the same game to play? Or could we play some of mine and then some of yours? You know what I mean? I think that this whole concept is pretty cool.

-- Dick Tator (Razzor-D@WebTV.net), January 30, 2002.

Hmm please define "game". Do you mean the save files or the actual disc? If its the disc well of course both people would need it. If it's the save files I guess it would depend on how the developer wants it. I know with THPS3 you would probably have to use your own characters stats and tricks and stuff. If you had to have the same save file for some reason you could always invest in one of those newer Dexdrive type things for the PS2.

-- Draconic Leader (draconicleader@yahoo.com), January 30, 2002.

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-- Johntay Renay Monati (kbhjki@aol.com), January 05, 2003.

What happens when you forget your password for ps2

-- Randy moss (pt25life@yahoo.com), May 16, 2003.

There is a modem for the PS2, it is built into the network adapter. But, if you own a computer, you know how SLOW a modem can be, so don't waste the money until you have cable or DSL hookup in your house.

-- Josh Yeager (yeag6154@kutztown.edu), March 29, 2004.

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