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I would like any information on how to start a spring.Ending with piped water being graity fed to a house.Thank you,Pam

-- pam stewart (, January 27, 2002


To my knowledge springs are not started but are natural water seepage from the ground. With this in mind You need to find a year around flow of water from the ground and make a large basin to hold the water where it leaves the ground, then it can be piped down hill or pumped uphill to where u need it. God Bless and have a great day.

-- Charles Steen (, January 27, 2002.

Info for an existing spring is in water catagory at the bottom of the question page.

-- mitch hearn (, January 27, 2002.

If you have a area that is wet year round mayby thats a good place to start!! If not try a well witcher sometimes water is close to the top of the ground!! Then you can put in a holding area and figure out if u need to pump it or gravity flow to your place!!

-- Grizz In Western Maryland (, January 27, 2002.

You need to clean out the spring opening and determine if it will run year round and with enough flow to make it worth turning into a water source. The quality of the water also need to meet your needs and needs to be analysed. There are a number of internet sources on ways to assess and improve springs, most that I have read are related to developing or establishing low cost water sources in developing countries.

-- BC (, January 27, 2002.

There are many springs, some that run seasonally and others that run year-round on our ranch. The seasonal one we pipe water from to the stock tanks. The year-round springs, we pipe to cisterns and then pump into the cabins as needed.

I've dealt with gravity fed ones before and you end up with a cistern most all the time. One thing about springs...they need to be tested twice a year (winter & summer) and just like well logs, have to be kept for inspection. If the coliform count is high, you don't want to be bringing it directly to the home. You'll want to put it thru an ro filter or into a cistern for treatment.

-- matt johnson (, January 27, 2002.

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