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Short question: I have problem using my 75mm Super Angulon on my Linhof Master Technika (MT2000). On infinity setting the lens kinda sits on the edge of the rail. It doesnt sit on the inner rail (too long for that) and on the board rail it just hang on the edge. Its hard to focus -slipped off the rail- and do all the movement from that position. Makable, but complicated. Now I never use 75mm on the Linhof, although I do like the focal length. Should I switch to the newer 80mm or just use the 90mm? Any suggestions?

-- Kayus Mulia (kayphoto@centrin.net.id), January 27, 2002


Do you have the lens mounted on the 001016 recessed lensboard?

-- Bob Salomon (bob@hpmarketingcorp.com), January 27, 2002.

Yes Bob, its on a recessed lensboard. Cant remember the #, but I ordered the board spec. for the 75 super angulon, since Linhof catalog has exact lensboards # for almost all lenses available.

-- Kayus Mulia (kayphoto@centrin.net.id), January 27, 2002.

I have a Technica IV. On mine, the board rail is two piece and the upper rail can be released (push down on the little black button) and slid back once the camera is open. However, if you try to fold it like that you will break something. Have you tried that?


-- Neal Shields (Shields@ftw.com), January 27, 2002.

You are following the pictured procedure in the instruction book for the 75 and 90mm?

-- Bob Salomon (bob@hpmarketingcorp.com), January 28, 2002.

Thank you for all responses. Thank you Bob for making me look in the manual (luckily I still keep it). I didnt know you can slide the track backwards!Always slide it forwards. I just succeeded in embarassing myself by not reading the manual thouroughly! You just added a 75mm in my camera bag! Problem solved and I love this forum.

-- Kayus Mulia (kayphoto@centrin.net.id), February 02, 2002.

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