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I have 6 Brown shavers, One hen started to sit in the nesting box and seemed sick. lithargic, I removed her after a whole day, she had yellowy runny droppings, she has been slow, quiet and doesn't appear to be getting better, she now hardly eats, two days later another chicken became ill, so i removed her also, within two days she looked okay so I returned her to the group, but the first is still sick? My hens have a large hen house, they roost at night and lay in the hen house, with a huge fenced area to roam around in with trees during the day, I keep everything clean and remove the chook poo every morning, (They have mash with vitamins, vegetables and treats of wheat and corn every second day). The second Hen who became sick has not returned to laying yet. The others all lay nice large eggs? Can anyone help? Thank you, Andy

-- Andy Richardson (, January 27, 2002


Response to Mystery illness, help

Andy, sounds like she may have a broken egg in her. Over the years I have lost 3 hens. There was not anything I could do, so on this last one I just put her out of her misery. By the time you notice something wrong, it seems it is just too late.

-- Duffy (, January 27, 2002.

I have this in one of my recipe books, I have used it and it worked for me.When chickens just lay around and hang their head and have diareah. Chop poke root up fine and put 1/4 cup of the chopped poke root in 2 quarts of water.Make sure that the sick chickens get this to drink.Put in with your healthy chickens too it will prevent them from the virus in them."Quote unquote"Pam

-- Pam Stewart (, January 27, 2002.

Pam, you could re-read you email. I wouldn't want to put a sick animal back in with 'the group.'

-- Dusty Ross (, January 27, 2002.

Pam, you could re-read you email. I wouldn't want to put a sick animal back in with 'the group.' I wonder if you meant for it to sound this way? did you mean to put the concoction in with 'the group?'

-- Dusty Ross (, January 27, 2002.


Sulfur yellow... Blackhead

Light yellow or yellowish-green... Fowl typhoid; fowl cholera

Foamy... Intestinal parasites (protozoa)

-- ~Rogo (, January 28, 2002.

Hullo again, Thank you for your responses, which I have been able to check, As I live in New Zealand, I am unsure what Poke root is? is there another name for this? The hen does not have an broken egg stuck in her, this was one of the first I checked, however her droppings (runny) are a yellow and white goo. She will walk to a shady area and just lie down (upright) for hours. I have seen her try to eat but am still unsure what is wrong. I put ice cubes in her water today (as its hot) and she has attempted to have this. I appreciate all your suggestions and am certainly looking into each. If she does have one of the viruses suggested like Blackhead, what do I give her? Thanks again Andy

-- Andy Richardson (, January 28, 2002.

When my chickens have had this you can use Sulpher in their water. If she isn't drinking I always force some down with an eyedropper a couple times a day until she perks up. Follow pkg. directions for mixing.Although they don't always survive this it's worth a try and maybe you'll get lucky.

-- Carla (, January 28, 2002.

I've heard of Poke being used as a de-wormer so I don't know if there are other medicinal remedies as well. The old timey way I heard is to pull up the whole plant and put it in there.

Andy: I will try to find a picture of it on the internet for you. But you will have to tell me what the season is there--Is this late summer for you? I'm sorry to sound so ignorant. Would love to travel, hate to fly......

The reason I asked the season, is that the plant looks different at different times. When the stem and veins on the leaves are purple-- that means it is poisonous to humans. We eat the leaves as greens (cooked like spinach or turnip greens) in the early spring before the purple coloring comes. Also, I believe that in the early spring humans can eat the first sproutings and they are supposed to taste like asparagus.

Sorry, that's all I know about poke. Hope I haven't confused things too much.

I'd separate her and get some vinegar into her water (acts like pedialyte or gatorade) for starters..... Good luck. Sometimes they heal themselves, I had one I thought was a goner and I believe, Rogo, gave me some ideas and she's great!

-- Ann Markson (, January 28, 2002.

Resbonding to Ann Markson, It is mid summer 28-33 degrees daily, I have not seen any poke that was mentioned, I was wondering if perhaps we call it by another name. If you do find a photo, I would appreciate this. Today I have given her some Vytrate diluted in water which is supposed to clean out her productive system, hopefully until I can determine what the problem is, she is still holding her own, however it is now clear she is weak from having no food. There is now a slight green colour with her yellow droppings, I know this is not a good sign. Thank you, Andy

-- Andy Richardson (, January 28, 2002.

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