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if a person were found guilty for petit larceny in the state of VA (one and only charge; no fine except the court processing fee $50; sentence suspension 30 days; probation time: 1 year;)....this is what the court disposition reads. no prison sentence issued....i am a non-us citizen

(1) how am i to relate to the sentence suspension and probation times.i mean which means what, i think i need elaborate explantion about the same.

(2) would this qualify me for a 'single offence exception' category or not.

(3) what can be done to get the records clean.

i wud be extremely grateful for any sort of feedback in this regards.

-- troy junior (, January 26, 2002


You ought to try an immigration lawyer in Virginia or the DC area who does deportation work, who would know more about the Virginia statute. Good luck.

-- Michael Boyle (, January 28, 2002.

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