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my research on southern steam engines so far, has been limited to only 11 engines.i had hoped to have found another, the one 10 miles north of spencer, but as your answers stated, just a's my list so far:2-8-0's;722,630,154 at knoxville, class h4 #401 under restoration at monticello ill.,542 at spencer(hope they restore it soon!) class h4 #385 stored at super steel, harrison nj,#107 at dollywood( what's left)0-6-0'S #12(SR 1643) at morehead and northfork ky.,0-4-0t at duluth ga.,4501 of course, 1401 (should be back at spencer operating) the southern diesel list i have is 4 e-8's, 5 fp7's, 3 ftb's and 1 fta. i'm still in awe of the amount rolling stock , cabooses , passenger cars, and so forth , that was part of the southern railway.what a great railroad. i also like the n&w. please let this somewhat 'opinionated' railfan know of and steam or diesel engines that still exist from the southern railway. thanks .

-- robert daniel cashwell (, January 26, 2002


Don't forget the GP-30 at Spencer as well. Man...somebody's gotta save a SR SD-45 before they all disappear!!

-- Chris Howard (, February 01, 2002.

SOU 2594, GP30, is at SERM, Duluth, GA.

Now for a question - where is the 4th E8 that has been preserved? 6900 at Spencer, 6901 at SERM, 6914? at TVRM, and...

-- Frank (, February 17, 2002.

There is a GP38 currently being preserved at the TVRM in Chattanooga, TN that I spotted at the East Chattanooga Locomotive Shop. The unit is still in NS paint but faded with the original Southern paint showing through. I'm very happy to see a Second-Generation Diesel being preserved. Especially one of the Southern High-Hood Units.

"In all of your getting, get understanding." Proverbs 4:7

-- Jon (, January 28, 2003.

Jon, the GP38 at TVRM is ex-TAG 80. Let's hope they restore it in its original blue.

-- Frank Greene (, January 28, 2003.


The fourth E8 is 6913. She was landlocked at Binghamton NY for a number of years and is now owned by TVRM. I don't know if she's made it to Tennessee yet, if she has she's not on property as of two weekends ago. I know they have an off-site storage area where there are a bunch of passenger cars and a couple of Alcos, so she may be there. I'll make it a point to inquire.

Andrew Durden

-- Andrew Durden (, January 28, 2003.

Add a question to the previous post...Anyone know what the latest is on the 401 and 385? I had heard that 401 was getting a new boiler, and that 385 was pretty ragged out and for sale.


-- Andrew Durden (, January 29, 2003.


TVRM does not own 6913, 6914 is the one TVRM owns and restoration has started to getting it back complete with Southern Cresant decals.

4501 has been mothballed in 1999, 630 (TVRM owned) is getting restored at East Chattanooga and NS 2879 will be TAG 80 after they get a lot of projects done.

-- Jason Trew (, January 24, 2004.

There is the retired GP-35 painted in Southern colors but tagged Savannah & Atlanta preserved in Savannah GA.

-- Michael Hunt (, January 28, 2004.

If you're including ANY Southern diesels - not just museum pieces- here's a list I have:

FM's - none

BLW/BLH's - none

Alcos - none (I'm not including the CofG RS3 at TVRM)

GE's - 1 or 2 44 tonners still exist including the 1955 that Ware Shoals RR once owned.

U23B's - many are in Mexico on a G&W owned line. Georgia Central has about 18 of them. Martin Marietta has at least 3. Nashville and Western has 3. Quebec Central has 1. A few went to South America as well.

B23-7's: Talgo/Trinity Leasing owns a number (leased mostly to railnet), Finger Lakes railway has 2, Georgia Southwestern has 2. BDLX owns a few (may get scrapped or already have). 2 work for an industrial operation in TN. Sequatchie Valley is likely getting the Pine Belt Southern unit.

B30-7A's - most stored by NS for disposition. SOme to BDLX.

B36-7's: several to south america

All six axles scrapped.


SW1's - several scattered about in industrial service. Gulf and Ohio owns own as well

NW2's - MANY in industrial service.

SW7's - SERM has 8202 and AC&W has 1

SW1500's - a few remain on NS. Manufactorer's Railway has 2. G&O owns a few. Helm owns a number of them.

MP15DC's - still on NS

NW5 - owned by Massachusetts Central

GP7's - PREX had 8281 at last report. GITM has (had?) 8239. Only original SOU GP7's left that I know of.

GP9's - a few remain on CAGY (out of service)

GP30's 2561 at SARM now, 4 are owned by RailAmerica (CERA units) for sale. Sprouse Creek coal has 1. Cycle systems has (had?) 1 still. CALA owns 1. TSRR has 2 (retired). 18 rebuilt as GP39E's for BN (BNSF).

GP35's - a handful left on W&LE (some upgraded - all owned by CEFX). TSBY has 2. EIRR has 1. IN&P has 4. SQVR has 1 (parts source).

GP35M - 2641 owned by RJ Corman.

GP38's - some on NS still (only ones rebuilt as GP38-2R's in service). CAGY has 2, G&O owns a few. RJ Corman has several. railamerica has a few (cpdr, necr). LLPX has a few (rebuilt). UP has several (rebuilt). NRE owns 1 at least.

GP38AC's - most still on NS (many rebuilt). G&O owns 2 or 3.

GP38-2's. 246 left on NS. IHB owns 1. KCS has 2.

GP39X's - all to Tri rail. being rebuilt.

GP40X's. 2 on StL&A (rebuilt as GP40-3's). BDLX has 7001 (parts supply).

GP50's. Many left on NS. 7070 just rebuilt as the first GP38-3. 7030 will be next.

SD24's. some left as "SD18R's) on PHL and OHCR and industrials. Others survive as SD20's on IHB, I&M (for sale) M&NA, NREX.

SD35's. 3 rebuilt for BN, 3051 last unrebuilt one left owned by Maben Energy. One left on WC-CN (upgraded heavily).

SD40's - many left on NS. FURX has 1 (rebuilt).

SD40-2's - most on NS still (FURX has 2) CP has a few (retired/stored).

SD45's - a few in Mexico (rebuilt). EIRR has 2. CN-WC has a few (being retired). MRL owns one. CEFX has at least one (rebuilt). UP has a few (all rebuilt).

FT's - CALA owns a B unit, one at SERM. One at NMT (painted EMC), one at VMT. last A unit ex demo and painted as such at NMT.

FP7's. 6133 at NCTM, 2 on Stone Mountain Scenic, 2 on RJ Corman

E8's - already answered.

Slugs - a few left on NS (ex GP30, GP35 and RS3). 3 on RRV&W (ex H16- 44). 1 apiece on SQVRR (parts)and SAN (ex S12). 1 at Monticello railway Museum (ex RS3).

Larry Smoak.

There maybe others...

-- Larry Smoak (, March 12, 2004.

Carolina & Southern has SOU GP30 2613, which is still in SOU colors as of summer of 2004. It is in service.

-- Michael Hunt (, October 27, 2004.

...Don't forget the SW-1 that is still in authentic Southern colors "somewhere in the woods" in south Georgia!!

-- Elton (, November 02, 2004.

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