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Bill Laswell and extended family Co workers Music folks (Guests included)

The new cd is great.. Play alot of yr stuff on Just want to tell u folks that what u guys put out is a quality product. Yr music is is felt here in my home in the burbs of New Yawk. Stay healthy in mind n body.. Know that yr music is being digested by the " Cosmic Family " n it is appreciated n considered a blessing. So... Thanx man

Sly hits hard on dem snares..>Great craziness on the the new dub transmission thang.. Rockin my kitchen I tell ya..

Cocktail hour here in my home..Organic burgers n veggies will be made at the appropriate time..

Stay centered (As much as possible) n keep the vision within sight

Again, Yr music is moving


Tom Donohue 9 Mornoney Ave Palisades New York 10964

-- Tom (, January 25, 2002

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