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Anybody have any experience with linear door operators, such as Otis' HPLIM system? There has been some discussion of using them in a future project, but I don't know how well they work. Thanks all!

-- Jim Stewart (, January 25, 2002


Hi Jim,

Yes but there are options,hplim is a Awesome unit its like a startrek door very quite hardly no moving parts but its pricey..if your have standard 7ft doors 42 inch door opening..I recommend the black belt door operator self programming one third of the price...

hope that helps..Dan Wiegand,,,, San francisco

-- Dan W (, March 08, 2003.

Here is some more info Jim..-Motion™ CL Door Operator The i-Motion™ CL Door Operator is a closed-loop operator that consistently monitors a door’s performance, measuring every aspect against predetermined standards. Deviations are corrected within milliseconds. Smooth and consistent operation of elevator doors is achieved with the i-Motion system. Features Otis closed-loop door operator is designed to provide an excellent stand-alone operator upgrade. It features a new motor with encoder, a new solid-state door control system, a new gate switch, and all the required interface hardware.

Application This operator is the latest door operator release from Otis and can be applied to all elevators that require low- to mid-speed performance.

Benefits Improved Door Open/Close Times Improved Performance Reduced Maintenance Quick Installation Code Compliant Reduced Callbacks

To have a local Otis representative contact you, click Request for Information or call 1.800.458.6847 (select option 5). .

-- Dan Wiegand (, March 10, 2003.

Here is some more info Jim..-High Performance Linear Induction Motor

As technologically advanced as it is smoothly effective, Otis' HPLIM door system establishes the ideal tone for the experience to follow.

Otis High Performance Linear Induction Motor (HPLIM) door system replaces a traditional rotary motor with a radically innovative linear-induction technology.

The system streamlines operation by attaching the motor armature to the door, and moving it laterally along a copper plate mounted above the door frame. This significantly reduces the number of moving parts for smoother, more dependable operation. And the system's closed-loop software maintains the same profile despite environmental conditions.

Quiet and Clean At 50 dB (A) or less, the HPLIM system is considerably more quiet than other door operators. Its rollers and door locks do not require lubrication. And the AC linear motor eliminates the carbon-brush dust of traditional DC systems.

Safety The HPLIM system cuts the door-reversal distance by more than 50 percent. The shorter distance typically means there is less likelihood of doors coming into contact with anything--or anyone. Benefits Superior reliability to enhance your entire elevator system One of the fastest door operators in the world, allowing passengers to move in and out of elevators more quickly Operates at 50 dB(A)or less, considerably quieter than other door operators, which operate between 55 to 60 dB(A). Added safety from shorter door-reversal distance

-- Dan Wiegand (, March 10, 2003.

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