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where can i download kritis(audio and not the lyrics) from ? is there any particular site

-- vivek nandakumar (, January 25, 2002


Hi You can listen to (not download) very good collection of audios in My knowledge is limited. I am equally interested in knowing if there are similar sites.

Thank you, Madhu

-- Madhu (, February 02, 2002.

Dear Vivek & Madhu, However vested my interest may appear since i distribute Indian music,please try & desist from downloading music as it kills the music offence meant to anybody,everybody has the right to live off their talent,by downloading for free both the artists as well as record cos are deprived of income......leading to retrenchment(this is just a small analogy).Until now it used to be piracy that was the bane of the music industry,now its being compounded by downloading.....i think as music lovers,one should try & contribute,if not by buying,at least by refraining from downloading.Again i reiterate,this message is purely to educate & not with any ulterior motive. Regards, Anil Prabhu.

-- Anil Prabhu (, May 11, 2002.

Well technically this isnt the case, doesnt the copyright of classical music from centuries ago expire?... I believe it does, thus if the artist is deceased you are not really doing anything wrong in this case.

I'm looking for classical music of this sort.


-- Derek Ward (, July 17, 2003.

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