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I have a problem hope sombody out there can help me. I had some candles In a punch tin for candles on top of my cookstove shelf well the woodstove , got very hot and melted out the wax. I don't have a problem to clean the stove but it is the punch tin to hold candles. Would like to put new candles in. But I have melted wax all over them. Tryed putting them in freezer//Hot water// Help. Thanks Brenda THe Farm

-- Brenda (, January 25, 2002


not sure what a punch tin for candles are,, but,, if you put it in a freezer overnight,, the wax will become brittle and you should be able to scrap it off. Hot water will melt the wax,, but may reapply it when you pull it out. Put it in hot water till all the wax is melted,, then let the water cool,, till the wax solidifies again, it will be floating on the top of the water at this point, pull the wax off,, and you can pull the tin out withoput getitng wax on it again,,just remember to keep the water over the tin, a large pot will work fine

-- Stan (, January 25, 2002.

Build a fire outside with a few sticks and pine cones. Put the punch tin thingy in it. VIOLA!!!!!!!

-- Rose in Texas (, January 25, 2002.

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