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How can I transfer photos (singel frame) from Sony DCR TRV9E to laptop ACER travelmate 610 txv.

-- Franco Kok (, January 25, 2002


Try to get a PCI card (it is available in most computer stores, like CompUSA, Best Buy, and Circuit City). If u have the card input devise, if u don't, in the same stores u can find USB port compatible products. If u got no card slot or USB ports, it's gonna cost u hell of a lot $$$$. Oh yeah, if u have USB port, and have A/V or S-video outputs, just buy a dazzle, it's gonnacost onli like $50, and save u headache. If u have card slot, it is very simple, go to computer store like CompUSA (visit online at, they huge range of them, starting at 50 and ending at 120 (don't look at the price, i've tried all of them, and they r allthe same, even the software that comes with it) Good Luck dude

-- Art Helmsley (, February 02, 2002.

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