Flu Remedies

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What are your favorite flu remedies?

Mine are echinacia, honey lemonade, ginger, propolis, hot baths.

I know that some of you have more to share.

-- HV (veggie@ourplace.com), January 25, 2002


add slippery elm, zinc lozenges, and colloidal silver

I haven't had a cold / flue last more than 48 hours since I started this combination.

-- Rose in Texas (open_rose@hotmail.com), January 25, 2002.

Echinecea, ginger, rose hips, garlic, comfrey and cayenne and Fisherman's Friend cough lozenges(sp)

-- Cindy (SE. IN) (atilrthehony@hotmail.com), January 25, 2002.

One cup of echinecia tea and two Tylenol cold tablets every six hours seems to really help me bounce back.

-- j.r. guerra (jrguerra@boultinghousesimpson.com), January 25, 2002.

The couch and a good book! Lots of orange juice too!

-- Melissa in SE Ohio (me@home.net), January 25, 2002.

I'm with Melissa. Now that my kids are older and can cook for themselves--just leave me alone and I'll get better soon.

-- Dena (ddew1962@earthlink.net), January 25, 2002.

I guess I'm a little different. I always drink mint tea with red clover buds and honey. If I have a bad cough, I'll drink a hot toddy right before bed so I can sleep. (Whiskey, lemon juice and honey) The best cure is rest and plenty of fluids. I haven't had a flu in years, but I will occasionally get one symptom or will feel dragged down. I just try to nip those feelings in the bud!

-- Sheryl in ME (radams@sacoriver.net), January 25, 2002.

My favorite prevention is a low/no sugar diet and astragulas. I didn't have the flu or a cold for over 6 years with this combo. Was sick this year after christmas (too much sugar), so I started back up again. When the kids get sick, it's a Russian steam bath for them with yarrow tea. Sweats it right out.

-- Lynelle westernVA (x2ldp@aol.com), January 25, 2002.

In the last 15 years I have had the flu twice..but because I alkways had sick folks coughing righ tin my face, I often got bad colds..in the nearly two years I have been "retired"...zero colds or flu..somehting to be said for isolation! Neil always mixed up a concoction of hot water, Irish Mist whiskey, lemon and honey....man, that would put me to sleep in a minute..good stuff! BTW, good place to mention tht when folks go to the doctor, please remember we are not immune to these things LOL..cannot tell you how many folks over many, many years thought absolutely nothing of coughing right into my face..yuck! That's one thing I DO NOT miss....

-- lesley (martchas@bellsouth.net), January 25, 2002.

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