What type of 616 is my camera?

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I recently purchased a 616 Brownie but cannot find any information on the camera. I know it is not a junior, senior, or any of the other I have seen on the internet and in books. It has an unusual design of a fat cross with a thick line through the center on the front panel. On either side of the thick line there is small rounded loops towards the top of the box. A small metal lense mover thing is above the words 5 to 10 feet and on the opposite side it says beyond ten feet. There are three lenses (I'm not sure what they are) with the main lense in the middle of the cross and the two others at either corner of the cross. On the side of the camera there is a winder on a thin bent metal with the words use kodak film 616. The top of the box just says six-16 brownie on the strap with no additional words or symbols. I would be grateful for any information or directions to whatever site that could help me know the date, model, and whether or not it could be used again. Thank you! Anna Merchant

-- Anna Merchant (amerchan@kent.edu), January 24, 2002

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