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Thank you everyone for your advice. My future daughter-in-law is coming home from Hawaii tomorrow. Her daddy called and talked to me on Saturday. He told me a little bit about her childhood. She always missed the big family meals. So after thinking about what you all had to say, I believe we will have Easter here. Hopefully, she will feel like helping. Her daddy asked for poppy seed kolaches. So we will try to make those for him. It takes time to create memories. My son told me she has a hard time going to church because church was as important to her mother as it is to me. That too will take time but she is going to church with us as a family. The Lord is working here. I am excited and nervous about being a mother-in-law. The grandma part will be alot of fun. I just hope my health holds up. Thanks again. Cindy

-- Cindy Herbek (, January 24, 2002

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