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We've had our weekend place in the country for (E. Texas) about a year. It is heavily wooded and a haven for pests during warm weather. Especially around the barn and shed, wasps and bees are a constant nuisance. I have recently painted the rafters of the barn to keep the carpenter bees away, but wasps around this building make getting my tractors out a real challenge. I have gone in at night to destroy the nests, just to have some more spring up by the next weekend. I have tried some commercial wasp traps without much luck. Not to mention scorpions in the house, and snakes wondering in the barn, etc. I would appreciate any advice here regarding remedies that might work to keep the pests away, short of getting a dozer to clear all the trees out!

-- Steve (, January 24, 2002


I suggest establishing some type of poultry to eat the scorpions and other small insects, which will decrease the available food sources for scorpions and snakes.

As to wasps, have you tried those hanging traps, some use water or sugar water?

-- BC (, January 24, 2002.

leave the carpenter bees alone,, if you paint over,, they will just dig another hole,,if you let them be(e),, the will use the same one over and over,,besides, they are great pollinators

-- Stan (, January 24, 2002.

Curiously, we have never had to endure any of the scourges that you describe! Oh, sure, we do plow and shovel a little snow. And we can't grow okra, and the artichokes seem to be a lost cause. The only snakes are the ones that suck up rats and mice, and they seem pretty friendly. Chickens free range, now that the puppies have decided to keep off limits. Coyotees are a minor problem - they are not fond of daily gunfire. Have fun, but sounds you are a bit south of us. As my Dad said "Never go south - stay away from Hartford"! He was right! The old crazy Maineiac -- and GL!

-- Brad (, January 24, 2002.

Steve, It might be hard getting rid of the pests since you only use your place on the weekends. If you were around all week, lots of activity, it would get rid of some of them. I guess I'm no help, I can't think of anything you could do besides talk someone into living there full time. Best of luck!

-- cowgirlone in OK (, January 24, 2002.

Steve, Call your local County Extension Service. It is what we pay them for. In our county there are people who come out and collect wasps nest(no charge)and freeze them, for the wasps, and hornets. They go to a lab where they are used for the production of anti venin. Might check that out. I shouldn't think bees would be a problem? They are not usually grumpy(at least not here), bees just want to gather pollen.??We count ourselves lucky to have a few around. We too have to rely on carpenter bees to do most of the pollinating with the decline of honey bees country-wide. As for the snakes, they have to be eating something around there. Usually some sort of feed storage will draw mice and rats which draw the snakes. I think I would look upon snakes as good news although I realize that where you are means that there are some venomous species. I would just get educated on recognizing those species and call someone in a local reptile club or log on to the "The Kingsnake Reptile Forum" for expert advice on this subject. There are people on that forum from all over the country(and the world!)who will be happy to help you. We just caught the venomous ones at our place and relocated them out into the desert. As for the scorpions, The extension service can help you with this, as well as a call to the nearest College Prof. who teaches Arachnid classes, and some of the students will help as well. ONe of the replies mentioned poultry but if you are just there on weekends I don't think this is a viable option. Poultry have to be locked up each night to keep them safe from predators as well as fed and watered on a regular basis. I know a lot of methods to keep you and kids safe from them while sleeping, getting dressed and what not, just like anyone does who lived for long in the desert, but not how to get them out of there. Our cats were death on scorpion but then you are gone most of the week. Scorpions hunt other critters and in their own small way are good predators too. I hope you keep us up on what you learn and what you do about it. That has got to be difficult. Good luck, How interesting! LQ

-- Little Quacker (, January 24, 2002.

Thanks for the replies. Yes, I am afraid we do have the poisonous kinds of snakes; copperheads in the woods and cottonmouth water mocassins along the shoreline (we have frontage on a 1500 acre lake); but I guess it is part of the trade-off for having such a remote but beautiful location. We do have other predators - my son spotted a 7 ft. alligator in the lake once, and we often see bobcat and cougar tracks. But those huge male carpenter bees are the real nuisance, diving at me when I go near the barn (doesn't help much to know that they can't sting).

-- Steve (, January 24, 2002.

Move North!!!


-- (, January 25, 2002.

HAHAHA,, those arent male carpenter bees,, females,, and they cant sting,, carpenters dont ahve a stinger,, if/when you put in a garden,,you'll be VERY glad they are there

-- Stan (, January 25, 2002.

ok what you do is with the scorpions in your house just get someone to spray in your house. Now with the snakes don't worry about them because they are probally only barn snakes,rat snakes, and hay snakes don't worry their not posinus. They are probally in there killing rodents. Now the bees and Wasps just fire them with a blow torch or drowned them out with water. Don't worry this has happen to me before.

Peace This is james rogers

ps: tell me if it works

-- James Rogers (, March 26, 2002.

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