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What did I see here when Enron political contributions were brought up?

They donated money to the Democrats too certain blind, biased people couldn't wait to repeat from the repug spin doctors.

Lets see now, Enron contributed 2 $50,000 checks to the Democrats, issued on Nov. 25 and Nov. 26, just a week before Enron filed for bankruptcy protection on Dec. 2.

This could not have been done just so the republican's could use it for a defence when questioned about the contributions they have taken for a decade?

And Kenny Lay...lets see what who he conributed to..
Between 1989 and 1991(2001?), Enron's Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Kenneth Lay contributed $793,110 to Republicans and $86,470 to Democrats. Yep, they sure were evenly matched weren't they? I they had contributed 1 billion to republicans and $1.00 to Democrats, the spin would be the same, "They donated to Democrats too". Odd how the spin fails to note the uneveness of the donations, and the "parrots" aren't in the least interested in it.

The contributions are a pittance for Enron and its executives: Lay was paid $123 million in total compensation in 2000 alone; and the company's vice chairman and chief financial officer were paid a total of $50 million that year.
But the money helped allow Enron extraordinary access and even influence over state and federal political processes. Its business was helped immensely by the movement to deregulate energy markets.

Lay is a close personal friend of President George W. Bush, and was one of the top fundraisers for his presidential and gubernatorial campaigns. Not to mention Supplying cash, a private jet during the 2000 campaign -- even financing the Florida recount effort that reversed the national popular vote.

Lay was often an overnight guest at the White House while Bush Sr. was president.

Ya'll might want to investigate the "spin" you repeat so faithfully.

-- Cherri (, January 24, 2002


Speaking of spin, it would be very helpful if you would cite your sources for these articles.

-- Buddy (, January 24, 2002.

The local union hall?

-- Dr. Pibb (, January 26, 2002.

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