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Hi Im new to your forum (well lurking for a few days), and its fun to finally find a group of like minded people... I was just curious how many of you are from Oregon? I live in Southern Oregon, I have a small place about 6.5 acres which is plenty for this ole country girl to handle on her own.. Currently in residence are 4 goats, 4 dogs, coming soon are a couple of steers and chickens and turkeys....I have a small soapmaking business I run out of my home called Homestead soaps and am currently working at a little country cafe to pay for the things that i HAVE to have cash for. I enjoy reading about the additions to your places and know the pleasure it is to get a new member in residence..... my daughter rolls her eyes when the bathtub is full of chicks in the spring and my mom tells me I'm in my back to the land phase... but its nice to know that there are other people of like mindedness..... ok enough about me...... will enjoy getting to know you all....... T

-- Trina (, January 23, 2002


Response to How many of you live in Oregon and intro

Hi Trina I'm from the wilamette valley, I have 5 acres my wife and I raise four kids, chickens, pigs, dogs, and cats. We sell eggs, pork, greenhouse plants, and I do some tractor work. I am a firefighter/paramedic by trade, but homesteading is my newest passion, we have a earthburmed house heated by wood and a wood cook stove we use less than I would like. My wife is not as into it as much as Iam, but she gardens, cans, quilts, sews, and bakes but shes not willing to give up electricity yet, but maybe either am I. I find alot of useful info on this board and hear great stories. good luck to you on your venture.

-- KeithSmith (, January 24, 2002.

We are in the southern Willamette valley. We just moved back here after an awful year in WA in the city, hoping to eventually get our own place somewhere in this state. Currently, DH is still looking for work without much success yet. :( We have 6 children (homeschooled), and so far, raise rabbits. We have had chickens and ducks in the past, as well as being active gardeners of veggies and herbs. I make a seasoning mix out of wild herbs, and also salves. I have also started a business making rag rugs. Any job leads for DH are appreciated if you know of any. He does retail, computer sales, web design, desktop publishing, etc. Good to meet others from the state! :) Maybe our paths will cross so

-- Toni (, January 24, 2002.

Hi Trina! We're in NW Oregon. We have 4 homeschooled kids, one old dog, one old pony, 4 goats, a herd of chickens:) and a llama to watch them all is coming this weekend. Good to hear there's more of us out here in the far West! Keep in touch. The Daileys

-- darrindailey (, January 24, 2002.

Dear Trina: I was raised Oregon, the love of the space and animals has brought me back to the acreage again. I now live in another state for my ancestry goes back to early settlers, coming across the plains and around the horn, and later from the plains. Southern Oregon is beautiful, i went to college much history separate from the rest of the state. You may want to read the story of the Applegates who immigrated early and whose women hadto spin cloth from wolves to cover their families...not far from Salem. You didn't say if you live on the coast or in the Rogue Valley area. Both are beautiful. Keep your courage and enjoy your small acreage. nl

-- njl (, January 24, 2002.

Hi Trina, the Applegate trail goes right through our little town of Cottage Grove, We live 16 miles south of that little town. Raise bantam ducks and rehab some wildlife. E mail me and let me know more about yourself. And "Hello" to the rest of the Oregon "Ducks". LOL LQ

-- Little Quacker (, January 24, 2002.

Gosh it is so neat to hear from folks close by... I actually live about 15 miles out of Medford, I have one daughter that is 19 going on 30...but then Im just the opposite Im 40 going to 18 lol.. makes for an interesting household... sometimes I wonder who mom is lol.. Is anyone else getting spring fever so bad it hurts...... well off to work......

-- Trina (, January 26, 2002.

Actually, Little Quacker, we're Beavers! LOL! We're originally from Drain/Yoncalla area...sounds like you're very near home.

Hope all is going well for you Trina, and thanks for the post. It's good to know there are some of us so near.

The Daileys

-- Darrin & Cara Dailey (, January 26, 2002.

I live in Central Oregon, in Redmond. I raise goats and keep a milk cow. I was born in the valley in Corvallis and moved over here when I was 11. My husband has no interrest in the livestock but sure loves their contributions. Two of my 3 girls like the outdoors and we have a donkey for them to ride. I thought for a long time that there were no other Oregonians here, although I did meet a poster here that lives about 30 miles from me. Glad you started this thread.

-- Julie (, January 26, 2002.

Hendo; Wimer, (12 miles north of Rogue River)10 acres, no live stock.

-- hendo (, January 27, 2002.

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